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Long hair and bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by demuire, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. My girlfriend has rather long straight hair, and while she generally enjoys pillioning on the back of my bike, she gets really unhappy everytime we get home, because her hair gets all tangled and she recons she gets split ends and all that.

    Is there any solution to this? I suggested wearing the jacket over her hair (so it doesn't get blown everywhere) but she tells me she's tried this, and it didn't help too much...

    Any ideas?
  2. One of the girls from Netrider.. (forgive me, I dont know your name) although was at friday night coffee the other week, has a clip that she puts over her pony tail and allows the rest of the pony tail to be covered in a legnth of leather.. Excellent idea.. as the knots after a ride can be so damn painful!

    Not sure where you can get them from or how much.. sorry :?
  3. I have extremly long hair, I plat it & put on a hair glove.
    There are several threads in here regarding those.
    Click HERE for a look @ them, a couple of us have purchased from there.
    I just had one custom made, about 16 or 17 inches in length.
    The longest Ive seen you can buy off the shelf is 12 inches long
  4. I have longish hair and have usually used one of the neck warmers which work for me pretty well - keeps my neck warm too which also helps... having said that I've look at the hair gloves and I think I might get one of those too!
  5. Tell her to cut it :wink:

    I've got nothing of substance to say here...

    Oh!! Tell her to put the helmet on then tie her hair up, so it's in a really low ponytail, ala 1990.
  6. Thanks heaps for the replies :) I'll see if I can convince her that hair gloves look nice (it's not really her style, but hey - neither are the draggins and stuff! :p)

    And yes, will try the tying hair after putting on the helmet trick too...

    Thanks again!
  7. That's what I do and tuck it under my jacket. Seems to work fine.
  8. That's lil who uses the leather hair wrap thing with a clip, although she said it wasn't terribly good at the job.

    I do my hair Lara Croft style. I keep about 4 hair elastics at hand and use them all the way down the ponytail, spacing each elastic about 1 handwidth apart. Good if you're bad at plaits (can't do it for nuts), even better if your hair is straight and you want to keep it that way.

    Or just do a really low bun at the neck.
  9. I find rather than struggling with tangled hair, it's far easier to leave the tangles in it. I'll only get back on the bike again. :)

    Besides, life is not about how good you look. It's actualy only about how good you look while on the bike and the helmet means hair isn't an issue. :grin:

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but really, keeping it tucked under my jacket is the best approach I've found. :)
  10. If you can convince my girlfriend of this, I would be eternally grateful! :)
  11. Well aren't you living in a sheltered world, Club X on Bell St has one called "The great American challenge"... stands at least waist height. I like taking things out of context :grin:

    I reckon the most simple solution: while she's asleep shave bits out of her hair at random so she has to shave her head. that why you can't get in trouble for shaving her head, and she has nothing to whinge about.
  12. Thats the way i thought would be the most effiecient. :wink: just give her a few elastics as a present then go for a ride, see how it goes :)
  13. Pillion me and I'll plait it for you :wink:
  14. I can tie a noose!
  15. I can do both! ;)
  16. Yah... you got it :grin:
  17. I get knots too, even though I tuck my hair under my jacket...who cares...it's worth every second! :grin:
  18. Demuire no offence man but going by your fabulous pic I think we should all cheer you for actually having a girlfriend :cool:
  19. I learn by reading up on members past posts. Posts they have long forgotten about. :twisted:

    Have read some interesting old posts in the last 2 mths about what people have said in the
    past about certain subjects & compare to what they say today on the same &/or similar
    topics brought up again by others. :p

    There are netriders whos opinions it seems either change with the season or they are
    full of it. :LOL:

    Take ya pick. 8-[
  20. Following the crowd mostly MG, lots of net users have no balls. They act big and generally go with the opinion of the main users or admin. It's typical in all walks of life really but extremely so online where you can be whom ever you want to be..... until found out.

    Its been a practice of mine over many years to do exactly what you have done to see who is really who and who is full of shite. Its also fun to reply to a long dead topic and bring it back to face them.