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Long Distance Trip - Ducati 848 Evo

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by rohit, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    In a few weeks (i.e. over the new year period) I'm planning a road trip from Sydney to Surfers. It's going to be a 2 day trip with Syd - Coffs Harbour on day 1 and then riding the up to Surfers the next day.

    I recently purchased a used 848 evo and have racked up about a 1000kms riding around Sydney, North Shore to Wollongong, etc. I'm seeking advice from fellow riders who have taken a similar trip or ridden the 848 evo over long distances. Is there anything in particular I should look out for, consider, not forget, etc ? Also, any special considerations for the new year period?

    The current route is http://goo.gl/maps/QFI5v

    I should also mention this is for a one week holiday, so I'll be riding back the same route after 6 nights.

    Appreciate any insights.

  2. I have an 848 , hug that tank with knees, and takes the strain of the wrists, dont trust that fuel light, usually good for 240km to a tank, possibly 280 but i fill up every 2 hrs. have a walk and stretch. been known to do 400 to 500 in a day.

    Make sure you have your 1000km service done, the hand book says dont go too nuts on revs.

    you might want to check the hi beam blocker plate, remove it improves the out put.
  3. Check out my sydney to brisbane trip i did a write up on here, i covered some good roads and did it in 2 days, tried to maximise twisties and minimize motoways, i have links to the routes i took in the thread.

    Sounds like a great trip, i would recommend a throttle rocker for comfort, tank grip and a tank bag so you can support your upper body on it as you ride, i did my trip on my bike, which is old 80s race bike ergonomics, and those things made it quite comfortable, also earplugs.
  4. Unconnected - Nice write up of the trip mate. I might have to update my initial route to include the twisties :)

    benjamin78au - Just got my bike serviced so it should be good to go. Yer my wrists have been killing me off late too, gotta focus more hugging the bloody tank ;)
  5. def do the twisties... i did that ride a few years back on my cbr on the 23rd december... traffic was insane and it rained the whole way from byron to sydney.. the twisties help keep you alert and keep you moving a bit... as well as just being more fun.
  6. I would budget a New set of Tyres into the trip. If those are the Super Corsa SP on it. there soft and sticky and may not give you a round trip. Also be extra careful if there is some wet stuff.
  7. Dont trust a throttle rocker anymore, since i found it hard to release the throttle after an hour or so, my hand didnt want to conform!

    Ended up running thru an intersection. Not recommended action.

    Not an 848, but i have a 1100 monster, and after i changed the seat for the comfort version (touring?), can manage a 900 klm ride without discomfort. Does make a difference. Only other thing to watch is fuel range. Can be caught out easily.
  8. My personal experiences with the SP's have been horrible. Too soft. They pierced like crazy and by the time i finally got rid of them for the Corsa2 (dual compounds) i had about 10 repairs in it from 18 months of riding. They ended up being an expensive sieve. Most of the punctures I got were things that shouldn't have been causing problems, like minor crap in the breakdown lane. Hell, I pulled a small stick from it once. They also wear down FAST.

    My Corsa2's just got their first puncture in 6+ months yesterday after some tit at work dropped a box of screws in the company carpark and didn't clean up, but they've been bulletproof considering I haven't changed my riding habits between the two sets.

    Plan plenty of breaks for the trip. You'll find everything aches even after 200km. Legs and hand/wrists, especially.
  9. Oodles of police out over the holiday period and double demerits if you are on an aussie licence, in NSW. Not sure what the ruling is if you still have a UK licence (your location is listed as Bristol UK)).
    It's a great trip though, have fun.
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  10. If it were me, I'd invest in an Air Hawk seat cover.
  11. That's disturbing. I do have the SPs on at the moment. snuff3r where did you pick yours up ? Did you replace both the front and back tyres ? How much did that set you back ?
  12. Ditto the Air Hawk,ugly as sin but for $140 for the new cheaper model there an arse saver.I also use a Throttle Rocker,YES it can get you in trouble but with care they help,maybe not with a soft Injected bike throttle.One word more,Oxley Hwy.Ok 2 more.Droning along that camera infested over Policed nightmare= Pacific Hwy,it would be a waste to miss the way more fun detours.Carry something to drink,it will be hot.
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  13. ^^^ This is very important, both to your fatigue levels, and long-term hearing health.
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  14. The SPs came stock standard on the Triumph Daytona when i picked it up from the dealership, front and back. They're a semi-track tyre, not really made for the road IMO.

    I got my current Corsa2's from Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers in Alexandria (http://www.thebikeshop.com.au/). Top blokes. Think I paid about $240 for the rears and $170 for the fronts. About $50 to fit them.
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  15. Yep I had SP's on my Daytona as well. My front last 2500K's due to me being heavy on the front. Rear is at 4500 and getting ready to go. They are soft and sticky and great in the twisty stuff. I swapped to Conti Sports Attack 2, Just as sticky but more tread for the wet days as well.
  16. Hey Rohit

    Sounds like an exciting trip you have planned! I've had my 848 evo for two years now so based on my experience I would suggest thinking carefully about tyres, throttle rocker and the route you're planning. It's a bit of a backbreaking machine but I'm guessing you're a couple of decades younger than me!

    Firstly tyres - those SPs are a menace - track tyres with a bit of a slash basically. Murderous in the wet - I can remember (I will never forget!) aquaplaning around a roundabout in the wet and basically trust that God had not marked me for an angel yet (and I'm not the tiniest bit religious). I replaced them with Q2s after about 2000Ks - Sports Smarts are also good and are my next choice. It's worth the expense. Sell the SPs to someone who would use them on the track.

    Throttle rocker - yes, definately. I don't ride without mine and it will save you great pain.

    Route - you're riding from Sydney to Brisbane up the Pacific Highway? Definately a no-no - you're missing out on some of the best riding roads on the East Coast plus the Highway is a death trap - full of trucks apart from lunatic drivers. I'm sure there are heaps of suggestions on the site, but try heading inland for maximum smile per mile:

    (Start early) M2 to Windsor - Putty Road to Singleton - through Dungog to Gloucester and up Thunderbolts to Walcha (take care, it's gravelly) - down the Oxley and back up just for a fang (you canNOT miss the Oxley) - through Uralla to Armidale - stay overnight. From Armidale take Waterfall Way to Grafton - then Casino - up Bruxner Hwy to Clarence Way toward Urbanville through to Rathdowney - Mt Lindsay Hway into Brisbane. You can do this in two days but they would be big days - I'd split it into 3 if you can.

    Let us know how you go!
  17. Just stop for a lot of coffee stops.

    Edit wait nevermind...
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  18. main thing is cops cops and more fcuken cops atm
  19. Absolutely what Rose said!
  20. I 2nd the comment re earplugs - they make a trio much more comfortable than I would have given them credit for;
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