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Long Distance Riding - Combined FR1200G, SS1600 & BB2500

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Urbenville FarRide East #27 was the perfect opportunity to take aim for a BB2500

    I did my planning and booked leave well in advance - Friday & Monday

    The last minute preps were done and GTR was packed and ready to go in the garage Thursday evening

    The plan was to sleep in Friday till midday and leave a 2pm

    The route - all 3 rides were extensions of the same route.

    FR1200G - Completed - 1200 Kms under 24hrs


    SS1600 - Completed - 1600 Kms under 24hrs - IBA Certification Pending


    BB2500 - Completed - 2500 Kms under 36 hrs - IBA Certification Pending


    Ride Stats - Summary



    Lightning Ridge
    A brief stop for a stretch and a leak

    Wild Life Incident
    Collected a Wallaby 17 ks out of St George heading to Roma

    Urbenville - Like minded riders
    FarRiders 1
    FarRiders 2
    FarRiders 3
    FarRiders 4
    FarRiders 5

    1 Battle weary bug splat covered GTR bedded down in the garage - I was too tired to even unload it

    And yes I knew the route would be thick with hoppy rats for an over night run and it was, lost count, all sizes - I knew the risk and made the call.

    St George, the 24hr BP was closed so I had to get fuel at the Caltex Pay by Card option, there was a sign on the pump, pump has issues due to heat, very slow to fill the bike and my two 5 litre container- turned out later that the fuel was contaminated - the GTR ran like a mutt, coughing and spluttering, no pull and would not go over 3000 rpm.

    I thought crap what a time for the fuel filter to sh*t, I pushed on to Roma and was able to sit on 100 km/h, anyway got there and fueled up with ultimate at the BP and thought as long as the GTR keeps running I will keep trying.

    The bad fuel mixed with the good fuel and the GTR picked up, by the time I refilled again at Dalby the coughing and spluttering was well behind me.

    Off we go to Urbenville, got there around 9.30 FR1200G and SS1600 done.

    I did not hang around for lunch as my goal was the BB2500, Got my end receipt at 22:50 and I was home at 23:07 Saturday night.

    I felt good but I was tired, parked the bike, straight to bed

    For those that are interested

    Full Ride Stats

    Detailed ride map

  2. That's an epic ride, big effort.
  3. Hell of a ride
  4. Keep up the great work @Highett , this is something that really interests me . Keep posting more of this .
  5. Big run mate, BIG run. Your Far Riders guys certainly put in the hard yards.
  6. GoldNine,

    These types of rides are not for everyone, the FarRiders have less extreme rides to introduce new LD riders to what is involved and these rides help build the necessary skill base to tackle the more extreme distances.

    FarRiders are the Australian arm of the American Iron Butt Association (IBA)


    The links above have all the information you need, we are a good bunch with plenty of experience in our ranks and are able of assist with regards to planning and executing a long distance ride.

    Plan the ride, ride the plan

  7. ^^ Thanks mate , yes have looked at the site's previously and was looking again earlier after coming across this thread . It's something I'm definitely keen to do at some stage but ATM time and money are not my friends .
    A little history of me : latest trip to the GP this year - 4900km in 9 days with the 1st and last day being 1000km + days (fri 18.10 to sun 27.10) . Sat 19th, Sun 20th at the GP so not much riding at all . No riding on Wed 23rd and 300-400km each on the Monday and Tuesday . So bulk of the kms done 1st fri , thurs , 2nd fri , last sat and sun . ( final day sun 1067km in 13hrs 10min including 3 fuel stops , and a breakfast stop)
    Have done other 1000km-ish days previously .
    Did Adelaide - Warrigul, Warrigul -Hotham-Marysville , Marysville-GOR-Warrnambool , Warrnambool-Keith-Adelaide in 3 and a half days soon after getting the 9r .
    But recognize the 9r not really ideal for doing really big kms sadly :(
  8. I tip my hat to you, but have one question.

    If you keep riding, why do you have so much gear loaded onto your bike?

    Do you carry the swag and roll it out for a quick kip every now and then or are you loaded up to cover every event?
  9. OK, good question,

    For a power nap 10/15 minute I just lay on the ground or a table at the road side stop.

    I always try to plan for the worst.

    In this case,

    I had thee rides running simultaneously, one thing with LD riding is knowing when to give it away.

    On the way to or from Urbenville had Fatigue kicked in to a point where it was too hazardous to continue, or I simply just broke down then I would just pull in and set camp and let the ride go, then deal with the problem the next day.

    In my kit I carried
    • Additional fuel - 10 litres ( Qty can vary based on the ride circumstances)
    • Water and food for two days
    • Jet boil stove & Gas
    • Puncture repair, CO2 Cylinders and 12v Pump
    • Basic tools & fuses etc.
    • Torch and batteries
    • Light weight gear for the heat of the day
    • Cold weather gear for the cold of the night
    • Sleeping bag
    • Swag with mattress
    Needing it and not having it ...you get the drift

    I have had to let rides go in the past, no shame there, no matter how well we plan things can go wrong, I have a good sleep then I continue home.

    This photo was one of those occasions


    Border Village Ride in August 2013, I completed a FR1200G and SS1600 going there and was planning a BB2500 on the return trip however fate intervened and I ended up violently ill on the side of the rode, I continued on for a spell but gave it away near Wilcannia.

    I slept for 11 hours, got up felt better had a cooked breakfast and headed for home.

    That way I live to ride another day.
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  10. Nice report Highett. Good tips for the unitiated.

    Nice enough roads so I rode 2100km in 24 hours that hot and wet day/night/day.