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Long distance purchase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Owen, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, im looking at purchasing an sv650 from melbourne as its a far better example than any of them in SA for the asking price. Only problem is i would have to fly there, test it, potentially purchase it then ride it back to adelaide. Just wonderinf if anyone else here has bought a bike interstate and how they went about getting it home? Is it much cheaper to ride then get it freighted?

  2. Melbourne -> S.A 850km

    assume its a 4 cylinder @ 200km a tank = 5 x tanks of fuel.

    lets exaggerate and call it an even $20 a tank of fuel = $100

    Cost for your flight = $130

    Freight is going to cost what? $300?

    Do the sums ;)
  3. Gotta factor in, the time it takes, might need to stop overnight somewhere, the tyre wear, the risk of it breaking down (purchase some kind of road side assist before you go) to name a few.
    Weigh it up.
    I'd probably ride it though.
  4. True. But i guess i have to go to melbourne to test ride it and check it out first anyway. Has anyone ever bought a bike they havent actually ridden or looked at in real life? Is it possible to do such a purchase just through correspondence via phone and email?
  5. Or any very trustworthy and very generous members with a full licence living near Ivanhoe in melbourne that wouldnt mind checking it out for me??? :grin:
  6. I didn't even test ride my gsxr when I bought it.
    But that's different to buying second hand of course.
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  8. A fellow netrider and a good friend of mine bought an 03 CBR600RR from QLD (we are in tassie) due to the great price. He bought it sight unseen, apart from alot of detailed photos and a mechanics check he asked for. He got it frieghted down for $600, he has had it now for almost 12 months and he can fault it :grin:

    He did get the bike checked out by a mechanic which is a must IMO (or another netrider who owns that model or is good with mehcanics). The rego papers were sent by registered mail along with the keys and he deposited the money into his bank account and both partys were happy :wink:

    Best of luck with bike, i think if you feel the person is trust worthy and do all the checks then you will be right. Shipping it with out flying over will be alot cheaper then flying over and riding back.

    (unless of course you want the adventure and bonding time of a good long ride..... :p )

    My 2.2 cents including GST

  9. Looks pretty sweet. If you want to grab the original pipe you'd have to get that frieghted home too presumably, so add that into the sums.
  10. yes, thats how i bought my RR!
    couldnt be happier!
    but, it was from a well regarded member of these forums, and there was no lack of people prepared to let me know just what they thought of its condition/experience (the bike that is)
    it IS possible, just not recommended on the whole :)
  11. Mr Greenrider bought his Intruder from Sydney sight unseen. He has had no problems with it. Cost us $300 to get it frieghted down inc insurance. if it were me and I had the time I would ride it back but thats because any excuse for a ride will do!!!! :LOL: Bike looks great by the way!!!
  12. I bought my Moto Guzzi LeMans V11 sight unseen (well lots of photos) from Brisbane and rode it back to Victoria. It's been trouble free and I still own it.

    Having said that I had purchased a return air ticket and I was prepared to turn around and fly back to Victoria if the bike wasn't as described.

    For payment of the bike I took a bank cheque with me.
  13. I don't mind doing that sort of thing... Drop me a PM if you like.
  14. I live right by Ivanhoe, and would be happy to have a look. Seany also lives in this area (I won't volunteer him on his behalf though, but you could always PM him), so you've got options.

    However I'd strongly recommend you get a full mechanical inspection done as well as a Netrider inspection :)
  15. Whats a mech inspection worth?
  16. freight does have on advantage for the bike listed, it will get the original exhaust back to adelaide too

    I have purchased a few bikes from interstate (and about to get another one on wednesday). lots of pics, a friend with a clue to take a look at it and having a good idea of what can go wrong with that model and asking smart questions is a good start
  17. My dad bought his trumpy from Perth, just got it mechanically tested then freighted to Adelaide.
  18. How do you even go about getting a bike tested? And does it cost hundreds?
  19. It can be expensive but it depends who you go with of course. There are a few links here for starters for you (only some are in Melb) I've never used any personally so I can't recommend anyone
  20. he asked the guy who sold it to him to arrange testing with the WA version of the RAA, and got the results scanned & sent over.

    not sure how much it cost.

    the freight was about $500 from WA to Adelaide, and he got that taken off the cost of the bike.