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Long distance on a sportsbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BRK, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. greetings all.

    ive recently got my bike back on the road and will be commuting to work when the weather is acceptable.
    Work is about 60km away (45-50min trip) and i ride a GSXR600.

    Anybody out there travelling similar distances on a sportsbike? Will the distance be managable or will I snap like a frail stick.?

  2. 60 km is not far if you're mostly travelling at motorway speeds. I certainly wouldn't want to do it in city traffic, though.
  3. 60km isn't a big distance - there are often rides posted here that cover 400 - 500 km in a day with many participants on sportbikes.

    having said that, this is the sort of question that depends very much on your own physical state. age, weight, height etc can all be factors.

    If you aren't comfortable on your bike after 60km of riding then you probably don't have the right bike for you.
  4. You'll get used to it. I used to commute 120kms a day to work on my GSXR. You get bike fit over time unless you have a bung back already.
  5. I do a similar thing, a little bit longer, but at the moment I'm working from home most days.

    As far as I see it you've got 3 options, ride the bike, move closer to work or get a new job. Driving or catching PT are so inferior in comparison to riding that they are not worth considering.
  6. Used to do 50ks each way in traffic. It's the traffic that sux not the bike
  7. Glad to see others out there ride similar distances. I'm healthy and all the k's are on the highway with no traffic so I should be sweet

  8. You'll get use to it. The GXR is a pretty comfy sports bike anyway.
    Try and rotate between your belly muscles, back and arms.... where you feel your supporting your body weight the most. But do try and use your stomach ones the most. Sort of give your self a little workout on the way to work.
    Your belly and back muscles are so important, they work on your posture, and posture is balance on a bike. Goes a long way to either being on the bike riding, or being a part of it.
  9. Buy a DR650 and alternate bikes should be an option -- especially with that "weekend rider" insurance deal on the sports bike.
  10. He has a 1998 model, insurance isnt dear on old bikes.
  11. When I read 'long distances' I was imagining 600km+.

    If you cannot comfortably ride your bike 60km then you may have bought the wrong bike.

    Granted riding a sports bike in heavy traffic isn't necessarily ideal for some, but plenty of people do it. Again, if you can't, maybe you need to look at alternatives.
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  12. lol i think thats the point of the thread.. to see if he should look at alternatives
  13. 60km thats only 5 minutes isnt it?
  14. You average 720kmh?
  15. only when hes overtaking learners.
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  16. I must have misread the title, I thought it said long distances.

    It's less than an hour, don't be a sook
  17. ha ha agreed
  18. i believe some concrete and a tea spoon may help.

    i ride 75k's each way. i had a cruiser on my 'l's, but got a z750 when i got my blacks, a cruiser is just too hard to get through traffic.

    my bike is a little more upright than yours, granted...

    you will end up sore the first couple of days (in my experience) but that will happen whatever bike you ride that distance (for the first-ish time).

    hell, my first week working here, i got sore driving, again, it only lasts a couple of days...
  19. Agree ^^

    One thing riding a sportsbike in traffic will do is straighen out your riding position - you'll learn quickly not to put too much weight on your hands.

    That, or you'll suffer crippling shoulder and wrist pain.
  20. I do 50ks each way daily on a gixxer 600 at the moment, its nothing, and seriously does anyone consider less than 500ks "long distance". Think the best i've done is 1180ks in one day on my old CBR600RR