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Long distance advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by geeth, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    In a few weeks I am riding from QLD to Vic as I am moving back down there. As a lot of you know this is about a 22 hr trip.

    My plan currently is to ride straight from QLD to Sydney and crash with a mate for 2 nights and then continue down the rest of the way and make a judgment call as to my condition as to how for to push it.
    If I feel I can't make it I am looking to stop at Albury and stay with my Grandparents for a night before the final stretch to Trafalgar.

    My logic is that while I am fresh get the big leg done and then see how well I recover in 2 nights.

    I have done this trip many times in a car, but obviously on a bike it's going to be much more taxing and exhausting.

    I will be taking the coastal route so I have a lot of places to stop for fuel / leg stretches.

    I am looking for some advice for this trip from fellow NRs regarding this trip or long trips in general.

    I should add, for pace I am not going to push anything, I might be in full leathers but it's going to be a cruise down and nothing stupid.

    EDIT: After talking to my boss and working out times and routes I will be going Inland over coastal
    Current route is http://g.co/maps/24srq
  2. My son did this in reverse in April, although took the inland route along the Newell, boring but quicker than going via the coast.

    He left Melbourne (Casey Softball fields) at about 5:30pm, got to our place in Wagga at about 11:30pm (after he visited a friend).

    The next day he left our place at about 8:00am and got to his Uncles in Ipswich just after midnight.

    He was knackered the next day.

    He was going to ride home for Christmas, but has decided to make use of his free NOK travel and will fly home instead.
  3. Any chance you'll be in Sydney on Sunday 20th Geeth?
  4. I was considering that route as I know it can be quicker, but from memory the coast route has more places to rest is need be or simply stretch the legs.
  5. Not a chance. I am riding out on the 25th
  6. Biggest thing is make sure you're refreshed when you start. Stay hydrated and if you stop to eat keep it light.

    It's not a big deal - a friend of mine did the Icicle Ride and then rode back to Brisbane non-stop on the following Monday (and he's a lot older than you are :) )
  7. I will have a camelbak on for the trip and I know about how big meals can tire you out easily so like eating for sure.
  8. Earplugs are a must.

    The Iron Butt Association has a list of things to do which sums up everything....


    They say keep the speed down as high speed takes concentration and fuel which needs more stops.

    Oh and enjoy it.
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  9. I did Brissy to Sydney the other day in one hit. I left Brisbane at around 8:30 so the last couple of hours were in the dark - not so fun. Fast freeway, in the dark after already doing some 10 hours in the saddle. If I had to do it again I would leave at 5am and be in Sydney late afternoon. I have also done Melbourne to Canberra in one hit and it was not too bad. The bit in between (Sydney - Canberra) is a piece of cake so to string them together would be ok.

    Do it in two days I reckon. If it was me and I was stopping with a mate for a couple of nights to break up the trip, I'd just end up on the piss for two days so there would be no fatigue managing benefit!!

    What type are you on?
  10. Thanks for the Iron butt link. I will be having headphones on which cancel out the noise well.
    That makes sense regarding the speed.

    I am planning on leaving around 630 - 7 AM, I would like earlier but I would rather get a couple more hours of sleep in.

    I am on a ER6N
  11. Leave earlier, and go to bed earlier the night before... plan to be gone at 5am imo, beat any traffic leaving Brissy and give your self the most day light hours mate.

    I also feel like a prick posting in this thread... sorry champ...
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  12. Take good breaks. Also, depending on what the weather is going to be like, if it's hot, I'd suggest carrying a second water bladder that you freeze the night before. That way when you've emptied one the spare is still cold - it also helps to, briefly, keep your back cool.
  13. Hydration, hydration, hydration.

    Don't miss an opportunity to have a drink.
  14. Last year I rode from 1hour north of brissy to western Sydney in one day. I left at 7am on a weekday and got stuck in gridlock traffic on the motorway heading to brisbane. I'd planned to stop at coffs or port mac but I'd been on a week long road trip that had rained the entire time! I'd had enough so I powered on. 4-5 fuel stops, heaps of time wasted. In the end I was hammering it sitting just under 45 over in the dark/rain for a good 2 hours. Bad idea! Next time I'll take 2 days, hopefully next time it's dry!
  15. Ironbutt (farriders) really have the ins and outs on long distance touring/riding..
    Done some of their rides and you meet many who've gone from QLD down to somewhere on the south vic coast just for lunch then return home...
  16. Left Darwin at 8:30pm after working all day,
    stopped at a mates on the way out for supplies.
    Katherine before midnight, stopped for fuel and food. Stopped for the night about 10:30pm roughly 100km's south of Coober Pedy, woke up at daylight and spotted the no stopping sign and something about Woomera and radiation. After a quick check to make sure my nuts werent glowing It was a leisurely cruise to sea lake that day worrying about cops. After a late start waiting for the rain to stop, (It didnt), made it to geelong by lunch time.
  17. Yeah, Camelbaks (or equivalent) are awesome for touring/sports-touring. Glad to hear you're taking one. :)

  18. This is so true.

    Going super fast just means more stops To clear your head.
  19. Stop by Albury, head down past mt beauty and do the loop of awesome.

    If you want I can give you a link to a map with a bunch of good burger joints between Albury and Melbourne.

    Beechworth is also worth a visit if you're not in a rush.
  20. I've done it couple if times. It can really suck lol.
    I try to have fun when I am running down so I stop at a few favorite places and catch up with old mates.
    Sunshine coast to Coffs. About six hours.
    Coffs to the north shore of Sydney. About another six hours.
    Sydney to Eden. About 5 hours.
    And Eden to Melbourne. About four to five hours depending which way I go and traffic.