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Long dirty weekend

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by lil, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hey, We are planning on a long weekend in the bush.
    Thinking of 19th-23rd september.

    Dont know where we are going yet, but it will involve Dirt tracks and trails.
    Camping will be the accomodation.

    If its just jay and I then thats fine but thought some you guys might be interested. We will be going anyway but if anyone wants to come then let us know and we can plan something a bit more definate.

    Thanks :grin:
  2. this is great

    This is great. I’d rather come but I am not sure am I able to. I am new to riding. Already feel ok on road but just tried few times on dirt and fell once - no injury but the bike was harmed. Dirt riding is great fun.
  3. Tentative yes lil...will know more about a week beforehand
  4. With me being the idiot I am, I forgot that that weekend is the last weekend of a course I'm doing at Tafe :oops: :oops: :oops: Unless they will allow me to do the last weekend another time, I may be a late or non starter (depending on where you go). Jay will still be going, as he's already organised it with work (it's his birthday holiday :wink: )
  5. I'd take your bike for you lil ;) , cept I'm due to have my wisdom teeth out that Saturday... :(
  6. We've changed this ride to the weekend of 26th - 29th. We have our camping gear sorted (tested it on Sat night in the pouring rain! :shock: :LOL: ).
  7. Lil any idea of the intended route?
  8. Well, its been left to me to choose :? I want to get an idea of what the weather will be doing before committing. We could head over towards the Grampians. Or there's the Strathbogies. Or we could try something a bit different and head over to Little Desert National Park. I think we'll have to leave the Alpine areas til Summer....
  9. This is still going ahead....anyone interested yet?? We're heading out Walhalla, Thompson Dam way....

    One week to go!!!!
  10. Intrest YES!.... but with 26 hours till my wisdom teeth come out, I dont know if i'll be able to helmet it up...

    (Even if i had something to ride)... Hopefully the time at home will give me some time to work on it and get it going... :grin: