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Lone wolf ride report

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, May 5, 2008.

  1. So with today being the Labor Day holiday (tip of the hat to those who got us the working conditions we enjoy, tip of the middle finger to those trying to erode them), I sat around the house in the morning, posted on Netrider, worked on building a web site for the wife's budding MS Office training business and then had a nap because I was feeling a bit crook - just a headache and a fever. Got up and went to get back into the web development, but it was *another* magic Queensland autumn day, so I fired up the big Bandit and went out for a ride.

    Headed east from home along Moggill Road - nice to not be held up by the roadworks at Pullenvale for a change - then south down Centenary Highway. Being a public holiday the police presence was massive everywhere, but I was basically just out for a sunny afternoon cruise, and going easy, so I just nodded and smiled at each of the half-dozen hairdryer-pointers I passed in the course of the ride.

    Headed on down Centenary as far as Springfield, then onto the Augusta Parkway up toward Ipswich. This is normally a lovely curvy little bit of road through the bush, but unbeknown to me they've decided to duplicate it, which meant it was 60 and 40 limits for roadworks along its whole length.

    I'd intended to just come through Ipswich and then back around Mt Crosby Road and Moggill Road to close the loop, but sitting on 60 for all those ks (behind another bike out for a ride as it happened) had given me the need for speed, so I took a left at the Cunningham Highway instead and cruised out to Yamanto. Stopped at Maccas for some nuggets and a large Diet Coke then headed back in to Ipswich and home.

    Got one small scare on the roundabout off the Warrego Highway going toward Karalee there - took it at what I thought was a reasonable pace, forgetting how crappy and bumpy it is. A big bump tossed me off my line and into the gravel that had been swept to the outside of the roundabout. Not really where you want to be on a 340 kg bike + rider package well heeled over... but I just swore quietly to myself inside the helmet and remained very calm. No sudden braking, leaning, throttle roll-offs or anything else, just kept it smooth and rode it out and all was good.

    Truly, there's no such thing as a bad day out on the bike. And at less than half a tank of juice, it's cheaper than a movie, and way more fun and healthy. Add plenty of good sunlight and outdoor air to combat depression, and why would you spend your holiday afternoon doing anything else?
  2. (thanks to whichever kind mod moved this here rather than deleting it, and I promise to get it right next time. ;))
  3. Sounds like you had a great time Bravus...regardless of reduced speedlimits and speed cameras and bumpy roundabouts. I have a bumpy roundabout near me and used to go through it very slowly and bumpily - never felt comfy going through it - then a week or so ago I entered just a little faster than usual, thought 'oh shit' for a split second and then got down to business and found that the bike felt so much better with that little bit of extra speed.. :? not sure why, but am glad I found that out cos it now causes me no problems.... anyway, am glad to hear you kept your head with it.