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Lone Wolf needs a pack (Melbourne)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LatinoMuffinMan, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Hey fellow netriders,
    So I'm in the unfortunate position where all my riding friends have decided to sell their bikes due to kids/wives etc. I'm a 28 year old guy, live in the Chadstone area in Melbourne. Don't get me wrong, riding solo is great but I'd love to meet some people I could ride with!

  2. Hi and welcome, you've come to the right place.
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    ^^ What he said

    Also, have a look here:- https://netrider.net.au/forum/ride-event-planner.85/

    Look for Uncle Gregs EPIC After Practice Ride, and Sunday Learners Ride to get you started at some of the maybe larger gatherings of the throng. (or should that be thong)
  4. Gees, get rid of the kids and wives is what I say!!
    Hello and welcome!!!! Oh and get some new friends :finger:
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  5. Welcome to the forum!!

    Nothing wrong with a throng or thong between friends! :sneaky:
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  6. So LatinoMuffinManLatinoMuffinMan ... you're the man to see about Latino muffins? Or are you a man made out of Latino muffins? Or are you made out of regular muffins, but are of Latino descent? So many questions.

    Welcome to NR.
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    Totally agree with caz64caz64, bikes, wifes and kids should not be mutually exclusive, they should all add in and blend in nicely! Feel sorry for your friends though... Hello and welcome to NR, best place to find mates for life ;) Love the name, mmmmmm....
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  8. Welcome to NR.

    My wife agreed that selling the stupid-fast car and getting a bike would let us save money... works for me.
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  9. Welcome mate, I'm sure you'll find a number of ride options here, from a few hours to a few days.
  10. Option 2: keep fast car and get bike! :D
  11. thanks for the warm welcome! i'm looking forward to meeting you guys. i hope there's plenty of supersports riders here.
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  12. welcome aboard :]
  13. Welcome, and good luck finding some riding buddies. :)
  14. Pick me! Pick me!
    In Late March I'll be a newbie-Melbournite moving from the GC with all that I can fit on my beastie :D Glad to know there's some welcoming riders out there ;-)

    I'll also be looking for a new pack to learn some cool rider hang outs, road circuits, & learning to deal with infinitely more traffic on thin roads - eek!
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  15. Welcome...

    What's the story behind the nick name?
  16. For your Ducati fix, join us at Melbourne Ducatista, we have rides including one this Saturday and social meets.

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  17. Welcome Muffin Man. With a bike like that I'm looking forward to another
    Duc on the rides
  18. This thread is a year old.
    He must be a local by now...
  19. TRUE! BweheheHe! :p
  20. Haha I didn't even notice when I posted. Oh well I'm sure he's developed a whole little pack on his own by now