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London mayor gives bus lanes to riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Yeah we got it in canberra too.
  2. Speaking of which can we use the bus lane at the intersections that allow busses to move off first?
  3. And NSW too.

    in NSW the bus-priority lights are not for other vehicles to use - the lanes usually change to Bus Only for ~1 buslength before the intersection.
  4. Lots of riders will be VERY happy with this over there. As I'm sure top gear has made many of you aware, with insane london traffic on the highways there are 1 lane for bus and taxi, 2 for cars - causing major congestion. So yeah, they'll be happy.
  5. +1
    In NSW you can use any "Bus Lane" but cannot use a "Bus Only Lane". They mark the 10m before the lights as "Bus Only" sometimes - watch out if they do 'cos you can get done.
  6. How come it's going to take till the end of the year? Just tell the cops not to book riders for being in the bus lane.

  7. Yeah dude, great for getting away from the cagers.
  8. From my experience with the Bristol trial of this (15 years ago and still in effect), this is probably the case in reality. Long before we were officially allowed to use bus lanes, the coppers were simply not interested in booking you for it.

    However, to make it official, a considerable amount of signage and a lot of road markings will need to be changed. Hence the lengthy lead time.
  9. The more feral cycling lobbies in the UK are fighting hard to stop this.

    Despite all the evidence from trials that it is having no effect on cyclists and that the lane sharing is not causing any problems.

    another view here

    The latest feral bicycle stuff here is an attempt to have "copenhagen-style" bicycle lanes down Sydney Road. This would effectively prevent any filtering for motorcycles and scooters.
  10. Interesting

    Incidently the copenhagen lane along Swanson sucks. I believe its settled a bit now but the accident rate was way up for a while. I rode down it once.. it sucked.. and POB commuters seemed exceptionally brave and foolhardy presumably cos they felt really safe in it.