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London filmed in 1927...in colour!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mattb, May 12, 2013.

  1. I see two motor cycles (outfits).

    This is quite an impressive film. You feel almost as though you're there, you enter into its normalcy. And yet then there's a strikingly odd feeling, as you stare into those young faces and realise, in juxtaposition to the feeling of being there, that those people have all experienced a long interim between you and them, lived whole lives, grown old, and died. It's an uncanny thing that this film does.
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  2. A cool clip - but it does look like the colour has been digitally added in.. like they've done with alot of the older movies..
  3. No, the colour process was done by Claude Frisse-Greene. The BFI logo is the British Film Institute.
  4. Fascinating. I wonder why his process never caught on?

    To think it was only a decade later that so much was destroyed.
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  5. That's the re-occurring thought that I had.

    That and the fact that those in the film no idea what they were in for in the next decade. Not only WW2 and the pounding that London and its citizens took, but in the even shorter term the great depression.
  6. Good find Matt.

    It was an additive colour process I believe Wolve where they exposed alternate frames through a coloured filter. This meant the overall frame rate was low and you got noticeable flickering.

    The version Matt put up was enhanced by the BFI and the BBC for later documentaries which removed a lot of the flickering. You can still see the low frame rate in some shots though, the trees moving in the wind is the most obvious.