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lolcats sucks. Here's Lolthulu!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. this is so awesome (if you're a Cthulu fan)

  2. :shock: I looked... and i still dont understand WTF is a "Cthulu" :?
  3. If in doubt, type into google: wiki cthulu
  4. Dude, get thee to a library and read some H.P. Lovecraft ASAP
  5. I'm diggin' the Fail Dogs actually.





  6. :rofl: were do you get this chit Loz, dats some stooopid dogs there :WStupid:
  7. :rofl: Now those are funny!!!

    This one has GOT to be owned by the guy who runs the Godfrey's vacuum cleaner stores:

  8. Yeah, I looked... and i still dont get it :p
  9. Then just download teh e-book on the link I posted and read it.
    That is the first literary reference to Cthulhu
  10. So not KTULU then? :?
  11. :rofl: Thats what i first thought too :LOL:
  12. Well KTULU took the name from some heavy mettle band lyrics (Apparently) and I'd be guessing they took and bastardised teh name from Cthulhu in some manner shape or form... As such yes that is where his name probably comes from.
  13. all of a sudden, this makes sooo much sense :grin:

  14. Ktulu is also a variant on spelling depending on location and nationality of worshiper.

    others include


    and other variants