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LOL - Scooter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Yes, I know, scootering is a perfectly valid alternative lifestyle choice.

    It's just that...

    Dude pulls in to the servo this evening on his scooter, and I hear the engine sound as he pulls up to the pump. I'm only half paying attention.

    Then he starts filling, and I do a double-take: "WTF - he's left the engine running!"

    But, no, that wasn't it - it was just that the noise made by the fuel pump was the same as the noise made by the scooter engine.

    (Epilogue: Then the Firestorm with Akros at another bowser started, and I lived happily ever after. ;-) )
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  2. lol, I'd get that fuel pump checked :)

    I'd never own or ride a scooter but they still get the thumbs up from me.
    Anything is better than a car
  3. Honda Rockus/Zoomer... That is all.
  4. Are the wheels in that last one made from pot lids or Milo tins?
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  5. the back wheel looks like the pot, the front the matching lid!
  6. The Servi-Car lives :LOL:.
  7. Oh yay a scooter bashing thread, how original. Damn tank huggers.
  8. Loud fuel pumps save lives.
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  9. Bahahahaha love a scooter bashing thread. Why are they it and a bit in asia but then couldn't pay most people enough to give a skerrick of love to them here?

  10. i like older scooters, guy at work has a 60's lambretta, no indicators or mirrors needed, big bore kit out to 175cc (though, when he has this on, his scooter has a huge expansion chamber poking out the side)

    pre-70's scooters get my respect.
  11. The best thing about that scooter is the Yamaha sign in the background , And the shock on the top pic? looks like my screen door has a stronger one
  12. Last time I was in China, scooters seemed to be hitting the big time there. Larger ones, styled after those Yamaha majesty and Honda silverwing types. Fitted out with fluoro's and doof doof stereos. Groups of riders hanging round street corners, talking and ogling. Much like Netrider coffee nights I guess.
  13. One upside of scooters is that your legs don't freeze in winter.

    Pity about the rest of you, though.
  14. I was going for scooter-wry-amusement rather than bashing... ;-)
  15. Plenty of scope for bike-wry-amusement...
  16. I've seen some ATGATT threads directing their vitriol at scooter riders (and possibly quite fairly in CBD peak hour), but I had to laugh when about a month back I saw a guy on a scooter, wearing 1 piece leathers, boots, gloves and a full-face helmet heading down the main street of Esk (for those not in QLD, it's a 4 horse, 3 pub, 1 street country town a couple of hours west of Brisane).

    I can only assume he was on his way to or from his stranded bike, or had lost his nerve after a nasty hit and run with a sheep.
  17. heres a scoot i used to own

    i have always had a scoot and a bike at the same time, different tools for different jobs

    they arent all bad though


    modified gilera nexus, handled the highway and twisties fine, and perhaps one of the best 2 wheelers i have owned for carrying a pillion, and i have had many motorcycles, currently have a 1900cc cruiser and this was still better

    then i had this vespa, manual big bore 2 banger, power wheelies LOL it was awesome


    now i have this, modded for fast getaways 300 super vespa


    and this bike, for trips that just arent to the shops
  18. A couple of issues back, UK Bike magazine run an article about Giacomo Agostini. He still rides MV Agusta for fun but his daily ride is Yamaha T-Max and it seems to work for him just fine... but obviously you guys are better riders than he is.
  19. [​IMG]
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