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lol...memories - Terence Hill/Bud Spencer movies

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. #1 I Adore Vic, Jul 3, 2007
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    Does anyone here remember the Terence Hill and Bud Spencer movies?

    Just came across this:


    and this:


    My sister's and I used to love the fight scenes the best - berloody funny stuff.

    And I had the biggest crush on Terence Hill. I blame those eyes :)

  2. They even had a whole genre named after them; Spaghetti Westerns :LOL:.
  3. Yeah, those two were awesome :)
  4. Yep . Remeber them well.
    Takes me back to the seventies at the drive - in, laughing at the (lack of) lip sync. But didn't they have some good fights :grin:
  5. A couple of my faves were They call me Trinity and They still call me Trinity. Always amused me when Bud would just pound someone on the top of their skull once and they'd immediately collapse. :p
  6. Yeah they were great movies growing up! The only one that I can really remember was when they were pretending to be their rich look-a-likes. And I vaguely recall the trinity one really made me crave beans.

    Those movies were what clobbering time is all about! :grin:

    Throw some Bruce Lee in there aswell, and we were practically raised on badly dubbed foreign action films! :LOL:
  7. Does anyone remember 'Watch out, we're mad.' ? It was the one with the dune buggy and the bikers, absolutely cracked me up as a kid. They just don't make bad movies the way they used to :(
  8. G'day everyone,.......

    I remember those movies as well.
    Can't wait till thay come out on DVD and I can get them to watch at home.
    I've got that one with the Dune buggy on VHS I copyed when it was on as a late night movie,I even paused the tape during the adds so It would be add free when I watched it!!
    Talk about getting biatch Slapped!!

    Dr Who?
  9. I want I'm for the hippopotamus and all the Trinity movies. They were my faves. :)
  10. I have They call me Trinity and Trinity is still my name :)
  11. Thansk guys I saw some of "they call me Trinity" on TV the other day and was trying to remember these guys names.

    I think I went to the movies to see one of th elater one. I remember something about a guy with a private zoo.
  12. rosie you like your guys in make up?

    look at the amout of mascara he's wearing :)
  13. lol.... how about a beer and hotdog contest?..... loved "watch out we're mad" still have it here on VHS..... bit of bike action in there too :p