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LOL!! ACA stuffed up again...+1 for Western Sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mav, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. From the age,


  2. Why let the truth (or any basic research) get in the way of a good story - they only stop running things with an injuction or when the average Joe would be able to see through the story. TT and ACA are not really news/current affairs, they are pure entertainment.
  3. which is why i laughed my ass off when Gordon Ramsey didn't hold back vs tracey grimshaw....good on him, couldn't believe people were campaigning out there about "poor Tracey"...**** off, if that tranny can't cop it then leave!
  4. ^ yeah that storm in a teacup, both of them are really nobodies that need this "conflict" to get a headline - don't they know that doing this on telly is so passe - that's what twitter is for.
  5. hence the name "Twit" eh? :D
  6. ACA=infotainment that's not even worth a drop from a mans taint.
  7. Karl Quinn is not without fault himself.

    "Doozy" should read "Deusy".

    Still it's good someone highlighted how pathetic these current affair shows are.
  8. Either you're making some obscure joke that I've missed completely, or you're commenting on the spelling used. If it's the latter, then "had a doozy" is correctly spelled. The spelling is not "deusy" - well not in this universe anyway.
  9. Been a member of the 'Tracy Grimshaw is an idiot' facebook group for more then 2 years :p.
  10. It used to be.
  11. The word is a derivative of Deusenburg.
  12. The origin of the term is disputed. Regardless of the origin, the term is still spelled "doozy" in any reputable dictionary. So the author of the article is using the accepted spelling.

    This is Wikipedia's entry on it by the way:

  13. Those damn angry etymologists infiltrating wiki again.
  14. Yeah, they should sod off and study bugs already.

    Wait, what?
  15. I thought they were someone who studied peoples backsides.

    Maybe that's an endomologist.
  16. In America they call those proctologists.

    In Jamaica they call them Pokemon.
  17. Actually, I'm fairly sure its spelled Duesenburg :p.
  18. ------------

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