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Logistics of a tinted visor.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PhilC, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. I only really ride when it's sunny out, and I can't comfortably fit sunnies under my helmet, they seem to pinch (also, some have suggested they could be a bad thing if I were to come adrift).

    So, yesterday I bought a tinted visor. Looks fine, not too dark, all good. Except it would be bad bad very bad in the dark. So....

    How do you handle the logistics of the tinted visor? Do people carry a clear visor with them? It's not exactly a friendly shape. I don't expect it to be a major issue, but I don't want to be caught short if I do end up out at night. Likewise I'd like the option of the tinted visor even if I start the day early and the sun's not yet up.

    The only solution I could think of was to buy a pair of clear safety glasses, not bulky ones, but similar shape to sunnies, and have them under the seat, then if caught short ride with them on and the visor up.

    Anyone offer a noob some guidance on how others handle this?
  2. you just have to preplan is all. i rode a few times with my tinted at night (not by choice) and it is pretty dark.... id rather not do it but i got home
  3. Thats actually a very good idea
  4. Hey Phil - I bought a visor 'bag' from Peter Stevens in the city a while back - costs about $15 and your spare visor just slips into it. The soft lining protects the visor from scratches, is ergonomically shaped with an adjustable strap so that you can wear it slung over your shoulder or around your waist quite comfortably (forget it's there) or just put it in your ventura bag/luggage. It's light and shaped the same as your visor.

    The brand I have is MCN but this one's pretty similar to the one I have:


    I'd recommend giving Peter Stevens a call - or your local bike shop.
  5. I've done that in the past a few times (I'm an engineer, and so I've usually got a pair floating around in case I have to visit site) when I've left work after the sun's gone down.

    Generally I carry a clear visor in a tankbag, or use a clear visor and (non-polarised) sunglasses underneath.
  6. I just carry a pair of clear glasses with me when riding tinted, they appear to be made for the job too, as they have short arms which a quite flexible so they dont pinch any bits and easily slide into place.

    picked them up at PS for around $30

  7. Perfect. Er, what's PS?
  8. Peter Stevens, but other stores should be stocking them too.
  9. a mate of mine had a cool idea.he drilled two holes in the screen on the zzr250 he had and attached the visor to the inside using some small bolts,rubber grommets and wing nuts.undoing the wingnuts and swapping visors was a simple process and the visors seemed to follow the shape of the screen nicely so they werent being bent of flexed.worked on the zzr anyways.
  10. Don't bother with tinted visors. Humans have only been getting about for the last few thousand years with no real hassles about getting them damn dangerous killer UV's stuck in their eyeballs, so I see no real need to change.
    Unless you want to look cool. But thats another whole new kettle of fish :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Not only that - how's that feral chick (who reckons she's done nothing wrong) in the wayward bomb supposed to see you when you call her a stupid f'ng mole? :wink:
  12. my nolan helmet has the double visor thing so during the day you can slide the half tinted visor down n at night you just slide it up. saves me tonnes of time messing around with changing visors etc..

    maybe you could fabricate something for your own helmet similar to that?
  13. They aren't as bad as everyone thinks, at night.

    Just wear what you think will be best for most of your day.

  14. Im pretty sure your kidding but for the people who aren't too sure:

  15. ^ Buy our stuff so the sun doesn't eat your eyes!! ](*,)
  16. Usng a tinted visor at night is not only dangerous but illegal. We don't want to do anything naughty now do we? :p

    Not sure how your insurance would view your claim if it was discovered you had the tinted visor down at night when you stacked the machine.

    Get a $10 pair of safety glasses from Bunnings and stow em somewhere (under the seat/ventura pack/whatever).
  17. Find a pair of sunnies you can wear under your lid.
    I find the straight armed ones to be fairly comfortable and my HJC has a slot in the padding at the right points too :)
  18. Yeah, I find (comfortable) sunnies under a clear visor to be the best compromise solution out of all those suggested. How is carrying clear specs to wear instead of a tinted visor easier than carrying tinted specs to wear under a clear visor? ;) Plus often when it's night it's colder, so you don't want to have your visor up.
  19. Yep, I think you're approaching it all wrong. It's far easier to take off a pair of sunnies than to carry around a spare visor, and change it, etc etc. If you can't find a pair of sunnies you can wear under your helmet, find a helmet you can wear your sunnies under, surely???
  20. Hmm, I guess I perceive the difference as; the specs aren't comfortable for 99% of my riding, but the tinted visor is. I'd be carrying clear specs for use in an emergency only where for some reason I have the tinted visor on but it's dark.

    Yup. Frozen-nozen.