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logged in...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dirtydannyd123, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Wow!!! I got an email saying "hey, you haven't logged in for a while, so log back in". Well, I haven't loggin in for years because I've been banned [-(
    So I did, and it worked. =D>
    So thanks to whoever unbanned me :)
    It's been a while. 8-[


  2. jeez they let ay riff-raff in here, welcome back :applause:
  3. Must be a case of wanting to 'increase the standard'!!!!
  4. What are ya ridin?
  5. Speed triple. BTW, who are you? :-s
  6. I'm the one who makes you havin to go back to tranin wheels.
    Dont worry bout me bro, I'm thru u and away b4 ya see me coming.

    *cough* *cough* weekend-warrior

  7. Please tell me we are talking about riding motorcycles

    Yo Dan

  8. he is a ugly knob like you!!!

    oh yeah welcome back, i guess
  9. yeaaaaahhhhhhh welcome anyways... triples yay
  10. Ahhh, such a bunch of misfits that I feel right at home with!!!!
  11. welcome back in, how long to your next ban? :D