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Logan new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BradoRider, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone! At 33 my missus finally let me get a motorbike ( probably because her friend was selling it). I'm not even ashamed it's an old CB250 (although I'm sure I look weird riding it @ 6'2). The tank was pretty banged up, has not been ridden in over a year when I got it so I went at it with some car filler on the tank and hand sprayed it black. Watched a few YouTube videos and pulled apart the carby, cleaned it and replaced jets, gaskets and mixture screw (still can't get it to idle below 2k rpm). Bought a new front tire for it to pass road worthy and got it registered.

    Got my learners and bought a helmet, jacket and gloves so I had everything to get going except I didn't ride it, too scared lol. After a week of admiring it running in the back yard I took it for a spin around the block. Stalled it a lot at first, left indicators on every time and thought 60km was to fast.

    Currently I have just under 100kms of local riding under my belt and am confident in local traffic so thinking about going for the qride this weekend or the next. So yeah that's my story :p
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  2. Welcome mate :cool:

    You've already passed the "fix up an old bike" step, the rest is cake :)
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  3. Welcome to the forum, there is plenty of help and advice, just do a search via the little magnifying gloss near top right of the screen..
  4. Howdy mate, welcome.
  5. gday BradoRiderBradoRider and welcome to NR - nice to hear you're feeling confident and enjoying your riding - best of luck with Qride, let us know how you go. we love pics so post up as many as you can!
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  7. mate she's a ripper, you did some good work there. pretty soon you'll find 100kmh slow and be thinking crazy thoughts about faster bikes, it's inevitable. thanks for the pics, let us know how Qride turns out.
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  8. Very nice mate. Excuse the possibly dumb question, but have you got your license yet?
  9. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. With the high idle, you may have a vacum leak and will only idle at higher rpms. Spray start you bastard around the carby and if the engine speeds up you have a vacum leak.
  10. welcome to the forum and the start of your addiction.
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  11. Hi guy. Dont rush it. At 33 your have got lots of years before u will need 2 hang up your boot.
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  12. Welcome BradoRiderBradoRider
    Hehehehe it's funny cause it was my first bike ... I got it off a 6' 2' tall guy. Looked weird - the tall selling it to a midget :D

    It's a forgiving and reliable thing though. And great to learn on. Pretty comfy seating position and a good commuter.

    Well done on the work done to spruce it up!
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  13. Only a learners mate.

    Thanks for the tip I'll give it a shot
  14. Welcome to NR...

    Enjoy the ride..

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  15. Booked in for QRide on Saturday and pretty nervous already! Dreading the slow maneuvers, figure 8s, slalom etc.. because I haven't practiced them. I am pretty confident on the road with traffic, I have done about 200km total with the CB250.

  16. Hit an empty parking lot for a few hours this week then, get some practice in.
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  17. I ended up doing figure 8's in my back yard which is pretty small and uneven (have no biker to follow me around) . I dropped my bike Thursday doing figure 8's and popped off the tip the clutch lever, luckily its just 12 bucks a lever. I could blame the uneven ground and random dips but I just went too slow and didn't counter balance at all. I feel I actually gained a lot more confidence with my bike by going slow and around in circles than riding on the road, i felt in control rather than just going with the motions of the traffic.

    Bring on tomorrow!
  18. Exactly. Big carpark even better as you can put out cones for slow speed drills, figure 8's, ebraking practice, all confidence builders.
  19. Completed the QRIDE so on Monday I will get my RE license. YeeHa!

    Now to replace this cb250. Suzuki GSX650F I'm thinking about.
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  20. congrats Brado!