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lodging complaint with the police.........? worth it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sydneybiker, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. just a question for other netriders.....has anyone ever lodged a complaint with the police on some incredibly dnagerouse driving by a cage driver and had the police actually do anything about it?

    on the way to work this morning I had a near miss by an aggressive cage driver who tried to merge into me when next to me, then accelerate after I beeped my horn then overtake 1 metre from me to get in his desired lane....I tried to get their attention then had them wave me off and laugh then continue on............very frustrating plus dangerous....

    would going to the police help at all? I rang the NSW police help line and the operator after hearing my story said, "well, you take your life in your hands on bike anyway".....i told her thats not the point, dangerous driving affects all users of the road...

    your thoughts? should I report?
  2. I agree with Marty - make the complaint and also make the complaint against the operator.

    It would be great if you had taped that - really emphasise what a lot of riders believe police attitudes are towards us... (note to self: next time calling the police or other authorities to set up answering machine to record call... just in case...)
  3. hmm check the legalities of that.

    don't think you can record people on the phone without their express consent - which is why you're told the conversation will be recorded for "training purposes" when you call banks etc

    I might be wrong... :?
  4. Found this: http://www.abc.net.au/corp/pubs/legal/lawbook/ch04.htm - look mid-way down. Looks like it is legal to make a recording in Victoria, but no legal to replay unless for public defence...
  5. I know of one traffic cop that records every conversation with every motorist he pulls over. He uses it for complaints against him about his behaviour etc when someone gets fined. It's not against the law to record a conversation however the validity of a recording can be challenged in court because it is possible to alter or make a fraudulent tape. When a a complaint comes in he just replays the conversation to his superiors and walks out.

    Extraneous notes made after a conversation or event (called a statement) are very powerful. If you record the conversation then write down the exact sequence of events and a "I said, he/she said" in the statement.

    If your description of the incident and conversation are accurate then you might see things being done especially if witness statements confirm your version of events.
  6. you can make the recording, but unless the person is told it cannot be used in court.
    We record all phone calls at work, but this can only be used for information purpose nothing more. If we add that little saying "for training purpose blah blah blah were recording you" then it admissable
  7. Yeah - report them both. That operator comment was not called for - frankly that would p me off more as I expect poor driving from most car drivers.

  8. You should report it, and also the operator!!

    I was on the receiving end of a Road-Rage incident a month or so ago, I reported it to the police and was asked to make a Statement. I haven't heard anything back from them (not that I was expecting to either) but I was totally disgusted (and shocked) at the behaviour of the other driver and her passenger.

    It makes you wonder about some people.
  9. I have been at the blunt end of crazy cage drivers and I have a friend high up in the Police force and I mentioned it to him and he said...

    Dont just ring up the local police station.
    Go to the station and make a written statement, as then it HAS to be followed up.
    Anything verbal is just a waste of time.
  10. Austel requires a beep every 15 seconds so both parties know a (Austel Approved) recording device is connected. That's why you hear the beep on phone conversations played back on the news. I am unsure why the "training purposes" recording are allowed to be made without the beeps, unless there is a loophole in the Austel regs somewhere.
  11. Negative.

    You are able to record a conversation as long as one of the parties privvy to that conversation knows about the recording being conducted.

    I could not set up a recorder to tape a conversation between person A and Person B if neither of them knew about the recording taking place.

    If I was talking to either person A or person B or both for that matter and I was doing the recording then one person knows about it (me) so it is perfectly legal.

    See the surveillance devices act for you to hone your legal skills :)

  12. [/quote]

    THis is because with those recordings, it gives the customer an option to have the call not recorded, but not many people bother requesting it. Most call centres have Quality Assurance which records the call and usually gives the CSR some sort of score/mark/feedback on the call, as all outsource work that call centres have normally have some sort of QA guidelines that must be followed.
  13. The operator and the cage direct aren't the same person are they? Idiots!!!!
  14. I'm part of a local neighbourhood watch program, and I've learnt the best way to get the police to take any complaint seriously is to begin by asking the name of the officer and request an incident number. This forces them to be accountable as it then becomes logged in the system. Unfortunately it doesn't mean they'll take any action but they won't be able to get away with any crap like the "help" line operator.

    If you want to make a report against the operator it would help if you could remember as close to exactly when you made the call, and from what number you called. I don't know if these calls are recorded, but it will certainly help narrow down who was on shift at the time. Once again, no guarantees on any action, but you'll certainly stir some shit.
  15. make a complain for all its worth mate,if they seem to not give a stuff,ask there name because i do know for a fact that cops get reviwed every year when there in the force.
  16. I would definately report it, and the operators attitude.

    These days you've got totake note of everything, times, names, actions.
    Easy to say in hindsite, but I've learnt the lesson.

    Also, if you can befriend a copper, then it makes it easier, you can find out some "shortcuts".

    I used to have heaps of problems around my house with dXXXhead hoons racing around and attempting burnouts etc. Ringing the nearest 24 hr station was useless, as they just divert the phone to the Hobart control centre after 5:00pm. Of course by the time the complaint was logged, someone despatched from Kingston and they got out to Snug the little turds were long gone.
    Then a copper from further out responded to a call, poor bugger has three times the territory to cover, by himself, tha Kingston station, but he was great. Told me exactlywahat I needed to give the police in a complaint. He also did twice as much, by himself, in a month than Kingston/Hobart achieved in the previous year.

    Basically he told me to get the number of the car, description and time. If possible, a description of the person(s) in the car. With that info the Police (in tas at least) can get a conviction from a magistrate, and most of the time you don't even need to appear as a witness.

    We were overtaken on the left, at a bus stop, (not divided road!) by a wanker hoon, we were in the sooby, I gave the turd a long blast of horn... he went troppo, speeding up, slowing down, bashing his head :? , weaving all over place, signalling for me to pull over. I probably would of, but with the missus and daughter in the car I decided to give the wife the mobile, she rang 000 and explained what happened, we followed him for awhile until he got too far ahead. By the time we got to Hobart, there he was, pulled over by two cop cars, getting a serve, getting booked :LOL: :LOL: I tooted the horn an we all waved and laughed... Boy was he pissed off!!!

    I suppose the moral is, don't give the cops a chance to palm it off, they may have their hands full already.

  17. Numerous times. The police have never done anything about it. Ive reported some really dangerous thigns that ive seen but never has action been taken. I thinks its too much trouble.

    The only time anything got done was when I was working for the council. We had an arangement that they would prosecute on our say so if we ever witnessed anything that required action. I got one guys license taken off him. He was doing about 130 in a 70 zone and missed me by about 12 inches while Iw as putting witched hats out along the side of the road.
  18. All emergency 000 calls are automatically recorded but I don't know about help lines!