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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by i_cruise, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Anyone had the chance to ride through a swarm of the little bastards yet?? I recently drove my car from Melbourne to Queensland and back with locusts about 10 deep on the bumper bar every time i stopped for fuel! It got me thinking, what if i was on my Kwaka hurtling through a sea of locusts? I couldn't think of anything worse. any stories?

  2. I'd wanna wax my helmet before I try. Those things are really sticky when they splat.
  3. you wouldn`t want to yawn would you ?
  4. Rode through a swarm of Locusts today , up near StrathCreek in nth west Victoria ...
    seemed like 1000's of the beasts in the air , they make a mess and they hurt when they hit you ,
    and an even bigger mess when they get into the bike's radiator...
    they also tend to be sitting on the road , and as you ride through them a new swarm is created ](*,)
    anyways we just tucked down as low behind our screens that we could ,
    got home and begun the big clean up , helmets , leathers , boots and the huge mess off the bikes ...argh ..

    Had to pity the bikes that were headed back towards the swarm ,
    a group of Harley riders , open face helmets and some just in tshirts ... ouch !!
  5. Ive gone through a few clouds of large bugs, but not locusts...
    Painful yes, even through the armoured clothing.
    Had to stop to clean the visor (always got half a dozen alcohol wipes or streak free wipes in my bag).
  6. Locusts hurt when they hit you at lots of kmh and they make a mess of your visor, not to mention your bike. You don't notice the smell until you stop.

    The best thing I've found to remove the little (sometimes not so little) bstrds from your helmet and bike is eucalyptus oil, it also helps to get rid of the smell.