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Loctite Gasketing Products

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Toefa, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, im going to re-do the carbs on the ZX2R this weekend, and 'cause the carby gaskets are pretty hard to get a hold of, i was thinking of using the loctite gasket goo...

    Does anyone know what product would be the best to use out of these:


  2. I just put new carby gaskets in the mighty FZR, cost a bit but the difference
    was HUGE. And the improved fuel economy will pay for them pretty
    soon. Don't skimp on your carby parts.
  3. Thanks for the tips guys, i'll try and get the proper gaskets sent up express then :)
  4. Loctite 518 Red colour, about $30 from repco etc.

    Replaced my gaskets on my CBR 250 with it, haven't had problems. Dries in an hour or so.
  5. Thanks mate, i'll have to get this stuff... Southern Cross Sports are a little shy atm...
  6. Give Yuki a call and pay over the phone - he'll definitely be there.
  7. When i dial his number (03 9458 3239) i get a message saying the number has been disconnected. :(
  8. That's weird. All of his eBay auctions have disappeared as well. wtf :?