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Locky's New Speed Triple

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lockjaw, May 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I picked up my new 08 Speed Triple on saturday. Pics below! I had originally ordered a Street Triple back in february with delivery expected in july / august. A combination of not wanting to wait until july + a little concern that the street was a bit small for me (I'm 6', 100kg) led me to consider the Speed triple in it's place. After a test ride I was sold. The dealership had the colour I wanted, 18k later and the bike was mine :)

    I put a couple hundred Ks on it blasting around sydney over the weekend. What an unbelievable bike. It feels like the bike has unlimited power... no matter what gear I'm in or how hard I'm pushing there is always more. I've not even come close to exploring it's limits. I will need to improve as a rider a lot before I can come close to getting the most out of this machine. It's gonna be a fun learning process!

    I will be getting a front flyscreen. I underestimated just how significant the wind blast would be when you get up to (and above...) freeway speeds. Around town it's not an issue but I plan on doing some longer trips so will want it before then.

    Pics taken with my mobile phone so they're not the best quality.


  2. Nice colour congrats on a great bike!

    First up a new low slung arrow exhaust :)
  3. Nice bike dude. I haven't ridden one but they look the business on paper.

    My advice WRT windblast is to get used to it - indeed, learn to enjoy it. It's part of the nakedbike experience, it makes slower feel faster and adds an extra element of challenge to fast riding. Flyscreens only:

    a) make the bike look a bit more suited to uphill gardening
    b) direct a nice steady stream of extra wind right into your face (I ride with an open face much of the time and this shits me no end)

    Windblast doesn't do a whole lot below about 160+ anyway, and once I'm going faster than that I like to FEEL like I'm going bloody fast. At the track it's a different equation, but in that case you're gonna want a full fairing anyway.

    Get into it! :)
  4. yep a bloke at work has one, reckons it's a beast. Love the look, i reckon i will wait for the price to drop s/h market of em to appear and i will probably have to test ride one :)
  5. awesome looking bike. looks great in that colour with the bellypan. makes me rethink my "does it come any blacker" type of thinking

    congrats man
  6. Verah nice indeed.
  7. ... so you can send the S3 pipes for Spots to put on his Tiger1050!

    Congrats on the new bike, in 'holyf*** orange'! :grin:
  8. Thanks for the comments!

    I quite like the stock exhaust to be honest but I imagine I'll install something different down the track. Once the newbike shine has worn off and I'm in need of a bit of a refresher perhaps.

    Loz I hear what you're saying re: windblast and you're right, I will get used to it somewhat. That said I don't mind the look of the bike with flyscreen installed and after a 12 hour day on the road the 'nakedbike experiance' will probably get a little stale ;)

    I'm probably going to install different mirrors, the stock ones look a bit rubbish IMO. I want to get the suspension properly set up for my height / weight also which will probably mean a stiffer spring. I did find the seat a little uncomfortable, I keep getting slid forward and squashing my balls up against the tank. Not sure if I just need to get used to a different position or if I should get the seat modified.
  9. god
    i love that new bike smell
  10. nice !
    that looks like northside bikes at artarmon ? i was there a few weeks ago looking for an R6 but they didnt have my colour...or price :D haha
  11. Yep, that's where I bought it from.
  12. Nice bike man.
    The mirrors aren't the greatest looking things but I believe they are the same as the Street's and they work really well.
    As for windblast... haha. Try being 60kg.
  13. Awesome bike! well done!

    Hope you got that Cost + $1 price which they were offerign on nearly all the stoc kI saw a few motnhs back. ;)
  14. I saw one with the little screen installed and thought it finished off the front of the bike nicely. The whole macho naked thing is cool but a little bit of help to reduce buffeting is always welcome so give it a go. After I road 1000km on mine I was very glade the bikini fairing took some wind away from my helmet!

    The Arrows pipes that you can get specifically for the bike sound horn and would no doubt offer up some ponies - and Triumph can just download a new map ready made for them :cool:

    Triumph make a gel pad seat for their bikes as an accessory, probably costs a bit but would be better than stock.

    Have fun you new-bike-owning b@stard :LOL:
  15. Very nice, great colour too, make you stand out in the crowd :cool:
    Always had a soft spot for them :biker: