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Locky Taylor in Asian talent cup

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by DarkAdvisor, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. If there is any way to follow the Asian Talent Cup I think it is well worth following this year. We have found the easiest way is to follow the action on motogp.com.
    There is a young Australian up and comer who managed to qualify for one of the 22 places out of about 800 applicants, Named Locky Taylor. He has just turned 14 and possibly has an incredible career in motorcycle racing in the future
    We met him last year at the World superbikes when he was just starting out in the junior events. He has an amazing attitude and a huge smile.
    We caught up with him again at this years World Superbikes, and although he didn't compete, He was having a great time hanging out in the paddock and spending a lot of time with Troy Bayliss. A lot of people can see he has huge potential and even likened his past and future career to Casey Stoner.
    He struggled in the first couple of rounds to get used to the bike and conditions, but in saying that he improved his times etc every time he went out. He moves through the field well during the races but had an unfortunate incident at Qatar that saw him sit out of the main race with a worn down and broken finger, after it got jammed under the handle bars on a bit of a spill. It didn't get him down at all and his spirit is still vey high, and he is eager to get into the next round.
    He is an incredible young talent and well worth supporting now and in the future. :)

  2. He raced at ASBK last weekend - his first time to race on the NSF250 in Australia - as previously he was not yet 14 and therefore not allowed. I am impressed with his pace against some very fast riders! For so little time on bitumen he is coming along very well.
  3. Yeah I thought they could have bent the rules a little to give our international representative some true race practice in the Aussie Moto 3 events before going off overseas. Oh well that's the rules I guess lol. Well he has the right attitude to be great in the very near future. He just laps up all advice from past and present riders. How did he go with his sore finger?
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  4. Finger didn't seem to slow him down at all!
  5. while its not actual race participation...
    riders in all disciplines can, at
    three (3) months prior to their birthday,
    commence coaching on a machine
    of the increased capacity that they
    will be competing on when reaching
    the required age, providing it is at a
    permitted coaching event only.

    Bending the rules is never an option.
    what if something were to go wrong ?
    would a coroner find the organisation and its officials failed in their duty of care ?
    would the competition insurance still pay out ?

    That said, there may well have been numerous other reasons why he may not have been able to practice in the months prior to his 14th birthday.

    Remembering also that it wasn't too many years ago, there was no proper junior coaching program or organised junior racing and the earliest a young person could start in road racing in Australia was 16......highest profile person in recent history I can think of that fell into this category - Casey Stoner...

    Junior road racing has come a long way in recent years...