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Lockwiring - info required

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Honeymonster, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Racing with Hartwell this season and was wondering if you need to lockwire caliper bolts - an enormous pain in the arse if you need to change wheels?

    Also where is the best place to get rear sets and clip ons from? (cheapest!)

    And while I am here who is the best for suspension services in Vic (Melbourne SE Suburbs)

    Any help mucho appreciated '
  2. Road racing rules state that they need to be lockwired unfortunately. It is a pain but those are the rules.

    Not sure where to get cheap rearsets/clipons in a store, but I had a look at www.motolanna.com...they had cheaper items on their website, but not sure on quality to be honest. Example would be the VFR400 rear sets, cost less then half the price of a Kaneg one and looks similar (quality aside since I haven't used either). If not ebay some items from overseas.

    Can't help you with suspension sorry.

    What class are you racing in?
  3. 2 places i know of for suspension:

    - Kroozetune (spelling?) Suspension
    - SW Racing
  4. SW or look for Trevor Manley. Trevor you will more than likely find at any Hartwell meet. He's located in Gruyere and SW at Gembrook.

    Lockwiring, with a tool, is stupid easy and it adds no more than a minute or two to the wheel change. If you don't want to buy the tool it looks messy and takes longer.
  5. WhATS THE norm... lockwire the two bolts to each other? Or can you use clips an lockwire those?
    I have the pliers and stuff
  6. There are rules and regs, but I lock-wired the two together, nice straight tight line, but it doesn't need that really. When you look at the shocking examples of lock-wiring that pass scrutineering, if you make half an effort you'll be fine.
  7. Agreed, lockwire pliers make the task so much easier. If you think lockwiring caliper bolts is an enormous pain in the arse, try lockwiring 3 bolts that you can't even see, and to access them you're up to your elbows in pipes. Now that's fun lockwiring, NOT!
  8. Having your caliper bolts come out, cos you haven't wired them, is even more of a pain.
  9. Not being funny MVROg but I always tighten my caliper bolts... never leave them hand tight, always check em when I get the bike back from a shop!

    Mind I did have a swingarm bolt come loose - the whole bike was weaving down the back straight at Snetterton (170mph) and people were telling me to not hold the bars so tight lol!!!
  10. Last year I had R clips to put through the hole in the caliper bolts,that were lock wired together but they changed the rules (somewhere) and they need to be wired solid.
    For the suspension you could try John at Mornington Kawasaki as well but the others mentioned are all good
  11. I hated lockwiring calliper bolts too. But once you've the habit, you feel like something is missing when you don't (say at a track day when it's not a requirement).

    Slightly off topic and purely as an academic point: given that calliper bolts are supposedly engineered to withstand extremes of temperature and stresses, say a scrutineer forces you to lockwire them which involves drilling/modifying an OEM part......is that scrutineer or MA accepting liability if the bolt fails at a critical time and causes injury or death?

    Good luck with the racing!
  12. I have wondered the same thing but I bet no one fron MA will answer it, I can only speak for what I have seen and experieced and have never had a caliper bolt even look like coming loose, and if it did you would know about it way before the bolt came out, but thinking about it rules like these are made due to issues that someone must have had and maybe was hurt etc, so if it saves someone from hurting themselves or others then the extra minute is worth it.
    ahhh that is way to much thinking for a Sunday night sorry for continuing off topic
  13. You'd hope there was a good reason for it. As I say, it's become a normal part of tyre changing now anyway.
  14. The reason for the rule, is that racers have had them fall out. I have known it to happen. Not to me, thankfully.
  15. Do you reckon if I'd lockwired the engine on the SV it would have stayed together?
  16. I think so. Your oil mark is still there.
  17. My legacy.
  18. Quick question...where can you get the lockwire tool? I went to an auto shop and they don't sell them :?. Ebayed and googled it but can't find stores that I can go to and buy them. Don't mind buying online, but prefer physical shops i can walk into. Been borrowing from fellow racers everytime...
  19. http://www.tw-performance.com.au/catalog/index.php


    Ian Wiltshire, you would have met him at the track. Relocated to QLD now, but the business still runs.
  20. Why do all you Poms move to Qld. It must be a love of humidity, or is it the delicious cane toads?