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Locking up the front wheel

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by duncanp, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. I needed a new front tyre on my VTR250 recently so I thought I'd give my max braking a real workout so that if I flat spotted the tyre, I was about to replace it anyway.

    For the life of me I couldn't lock up the front wheel. I did about a dozen of these full on both brakes from 60 kph and never locked up once. I wasn't trying to lock up the back at any stage. I sure smelt burning rubber but I never left any on the tarmac. I had to bring the testing to a halt as I became very motion sick. I thought I had a pretty strong forearm grip and I was using all four fingers. The pads were nearly new.
    I was doing it slightly uphill.

  2. I did an exercise with HART locking the front wheel on grass, then quickly releasing the front brake. It's easier to do it on grass.
  3. hehe dont use the back brakes and try some stopies.
    hit the front hard but not enouhgh to lock up. U can strt to pull em of at 20kph
  4. The AMCN year book has a nice write up on how to do stoppies. :)
  5. Wait till winter then go find some black ice - that'll make it real easy.
  6. why on earth do you wanna lock up the front?

    have you ever done it before?
    its not the funnest experience, and can result in a lay down

    if you really wanna lock it up get back towards the back of the seat don't have any downward pressure on the front and pull em but get ready for it because it could go horribly wrong, its about weight dispersion you wanna be hard on throttle then clutch in and a big pull of the front brakes same time to lock the back as much weight toward the front as you can possibly get your 250 is designed to be learner friendly and hasnt got great big brakes
  7. It's the best way to learn how hard you can brake. Most people would be surprised to find out that they are not even getting close to the limits of their front brakes. Locking them up a couple of times is the only way to find that limit.
  8. Locking up front brake is pretty easy. just grab the bugger as hard as you can. No set up and squeeze. The brakes are fairly average on a CB250 and I was able to lock it up if I really tried :) For a vtr250 should be a sinch
    Hope you've read up and are going to display you're newly learned skills on a thursday mystery ride soon :p :grin: :LOL:
  9. You've got it in one, Grady. But locking the front up without using the back brake or by manipulating the weight distribution wasn't what I was after. It was simply how hard can I grab it before it slips.... where are the limits.....

    That's a good reminder to use both brakes if it makes it that much harder to lock the front simply by using your rear brake, let alone for the additional benefit of actually assisting in the slowing down exercise.

    That's a good idea to try it on out on grass to see how quickly you can grab, release, grab, release ....

    Does a stoppie actually slow you down quicker, or is it just for show?
  10. Ever seen a MotoGP rider do a stoppie during a race.
  11. Can they incorporate that somehow? :grin: :grin:

    We can even put empty coke cans on the exits of corners!
  12. You'd have to get them all riding in t-shirts and shorts first :LOL:.
  13. Actually yeah I have...
    Not a big high balls around teh headstem stoppie, but yeah getting some lift in the back.

    I think it was entirly unintentional, and he got the arse down and through it into a corner as quick as he could (Was on a motogp.com promo vid that was posted here a long way back)
    Here is a screenie of it.

  14. If the road surface is uneven/bumpy then your front can lock up fairly easily under braking. I had a little lock up on a bumpy road once when I was avoiding someone who changed lanes without looking.

    Be careful braking like you were when going downhill. I had wet brakes once so decided to go up and down my street a couple of times and brake harder to dry them and the disc. I was going downhill and felt the back lift off the ground a little. I was pushed into the tank as well. There's enough stopping power in the VTR brakes (most likely not huge compared to other twin disc bikes) if you need it.
  15. Next time you are out practicng your braking (not emergency stops) try this...
    You know when you brake hard into a corner you slowly/smoothly let the front brakes off (to limit the suspension travel, keep it smooth) ? It sort of works the other way with the rear brake. As you let off the front brakes you can apply more pressure to the rear brake.
    For example, When you are braking hard you may send 90% of the bikes weight to the front wheel. This leaves only 10% of the weight over the rear wheel which means it won't take much to lock it up. As you let off the front brakes you send more weight to the rear wheel which means you can apply more rear brake before it will lock up.
    That is one of the main reasons newer riders lock the rear brake, because they use it the same as they use the front brakes.

    I hope that is intelligable. I sometimes have trouble putting my thoughts into words this late at night :grin: