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Locking my helmet to my bike? Recommendations? Kryptonite?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by petery, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Hi

    Years ago (my first time riding in my 20's) I lost my Bell helmet after foolishly trusting the helmet lock under the seat of my old Honda CBX250.

    This time around I carry my helmet everywhere for fear that it will go walkabouts again. But there must be an alternative.

    The options I have considered are:
    * A Kryptonite (or similar) U-Lock to go through the face of the helmet and then attach to front wheel;
    * Kryptonite NY chain and disc lock combo (NY noose chain I think it's called)
    * Some other sort of chain and lock combo - saw this Abus square link chain on ebay that looks unbreakable, but with a good padlock the total set is $200+

    Also I wonder about carrying around the weight involved in a super-chain and lock.

    Anyone got any good suggestions for a reasonably secure method of locking a helmet to a bike? I want something good enough that I could leave the bike and helmet overnight somewhere (in public) and come back the next day with the helmet still attached.

    Thank you


  2. Thanks twistngo - I had forgotten about those Pacsafe bags.

    My helmet cost me $700 odd so anything that can be snipped off with some light weight bolt cutters seems a bit risky. Judging by the pics this Pacsafe bag ultimately seems to attach via a fairly light looking steel cable. It's a neat looking set up but I wonder how secure?
  3. At work I leave my lid in my office. Used to leave my lid in a top box on the bike, but haven't had a 'hard box since I bought a gearsack 25 years ago. Never used the helmet lock cause drunks might piss in a lid attached to one.

    Always carry it with me at the shops, makes a handy 'carry bag' for small items.
  4. I use one of those heavy plastic covered steel wire locks and a good
    padlock round the top yoke and through my helmet.
    Helmet sits on the front of the tank tucked in to the screen.
    I loop the bit with the padlock round one of the mirrors so it's in clear view.

    Nothing will stop a serious thief but I don't think serious thieves would be out looking for a helmet, they have their own and steal yer bike.
  5. Apparently cable is more difficult to cut than chain. My guess is it squashes flat insead of cutting/snapping when attacked by bolt cutters.
  6. Kryptonite will only work against me.
  7. Hopefully Kryptonite has addressed it now, but a few years ago their proprietary ring-shaped lock could be easily picked by jamming a $0.20 pen barrel into it. :p

    One would hope that's been fixed though.
  8. damn you joel you ruined my superman joke, well done sir