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Locking helmet to bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by undii, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Well since I've had the new bike with my arm injury, I find it a bit hard to carry the helmet with me as it really doesn't leave me a free arm to open doors, carry stuff etc.

    Somebody posted this in another forum http://www.bikemannetwork.com/slidefast/p/GSELK/LK1018 is there anything else any one can recommend to lock a helmet to a bike so it can't be (easily?) stolen nor the visor taken if its quick release? I gues locking the bike and taking the visor so no one will steal isn't changing anything regarding having a free hand/arm to do stuff. heh


  2. I put the clip strap under the pillion seat where there is a lttle metal thing to put in around and put the seat the back on, the only way they can steal the helmet is if they cut the strap.
  3. i just have a little clip on the side of my virago that opens with a key and locks my helmet buckly to my bike, i never thought of people stealing my visor o_O

  4. 675's don't have that so no good for me. I need to lock the helmet to bike by physical means
  5. I have a helmet lock on my bike, but I never use it. The helmet sits against the pipes when I do, and I don't want to have my helmet burned/melted when I come back to it.

    I like the look of that second link. I'd use one of those if I had one.
  6. yeah undii I would think the Pac-Safe is your only option. A mate has one and they seem very good quality.
  7. Oh, forgot to put this in. my mate got his from:

  8. Topbox is probably the most secure option
  9. Well my pacsafe bag arrived today from travelgear (Thanks Kaer and duffman :grin: )

    Funny thing, travelgear put in a chuba chup with the bag, awww how sweet! hehe
  10. I ordered some padlocks from them before i went travelling a while ago and i got a couple of minties with mine :p
  11. Guess who's seeing a business coach then! It's supposed to be "wow factor" make you feel all goey so you spend more money with them...
    Either that, or Telly Savalis is working in their store room.

    Regards, Andrew.