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[Locked] People with attitude will get you killed

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Shark11, Feb 18, 2014.

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  1. #1 Shark11, Feb 18, 2014
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    A road with 2 lanes of traffic going one direction, plus a right hand turning lane which comes off the 2. (other side of road has 2lanes going opposite direction, just FYI).

    Traffic was completely STOPPED at a set of RED lights. Cars are too close together to filter.
    I get into the right hand turning lane, ride past a few cars, then move into the 'right' hand lane and move across this lane in front of a 4x4 ute type vehicle.

    I practically walk the bike into the left lane where there is plenty of room between two cars. I was completely in the left lane and performed this manoeuvre while the traffic was at a dead stop. The guy in the 4x4 ute then yells abuse at me and moves his vehicle forward as if to signify that he was actually doing so while I was in front of him, which he wasn't (I turn to see him do this as I heard his abuse).

    I then put my hand to my ear (helmet) as I roll the bike back signalling that I can't hear a word of his abuse, but I would like to. He then rolls down his left hand window and yells that "you're gonna get killed mate!" "You're gonna get killed doing shit like that!" "what the fcuk are you doing!" "do you want to get hit?!" etc etc

    I tried to yell things out to him, such as "the traffic is stopped fcukwit" but unfortunately I don't think he heard me.

    The thing that seems it could quite easily get me killed, is disgruntled road users which are jealous of a motorcyclists ability to manoeuvre around traffic to put themselves in a SAFER position at the front of a set of lights (ahead of fcukwits like that).
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  2. Reading the threads on this site will teach you a valuable skill.
    Don't argue with idiots, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
  3. Never do I argue.
    I always state my case. If they're too dumb to understand, I move along.
    It's just a really sad thing to see this sort of attitude. People like this DO cause accidents. They're the type that will pull out in front of you because they have a 'bigger vehicle' which gives them the right of way.
    No brains.
  4. I reckon get in front and give them a big pile of f^ck off with your throttle hand.
  5. So you rode Into the 'right turn only' lane so you could get into the the 'right lane going straight ahead' lane ahead of the car already in the lane?

    You then manoeuvred across to be to his LEFT side while in front of him?

    And you're surprised you got abused??

    You got what you deserved, you bad-mannered git.
  6. I always consider using the right turn lane to get to the front a bit sneaky and usually not worth the risk of stupid shit happening.

    Did you think about what might have happened if the lights turned green during your "manoeuvering"? Sounds like you where directly in front on 2 lanes of traffic at one time or another.
  7. I'm unsure as to whether this is sarcasm.
    I would hope so. Considering filtering is "illegal" to start with, but 95% of motorcyclists do it.

    The right hand turning lane was completely blocked off by traffic for 25metres behind the unbroken line to merge into it. There was no traffic behind me.
    The traffic was at a dead stop and was for another minute and a half at least.
    I know how traffic lights opperate at intersections. It seems a few of you don't.
    I didn't put myself in any real danger. (No more than a pedestrian walking between cars which are stopped). For anybody to imply otherwise is stupid.
    Unless you find it OK for a car to run a bike over while the traffic is stopped at a red light.
    When I was in the left lane, I was completely in the lane and had plenty of room between the cars.

    I didn't use the right hand turning lane to get to the front. I used it to gain a few positions as the traffic was banked up quite a fair amount, this lane was free, and was blocked from any traffic being able to merge into it. I also had no traffic behind me that could have decided to run me over if they were to come along and go over unbroken lines to get into this lane.
    Quite simply, if the lights had of turned green, I would have taken off normally and been able to get into the lane that was necessary for me without causing any obstruction to any other traffic.
    It seems many of you are picking my story apart to try and find why I could have been in the wrong.
    "What if the car you were manoeuvring in front of exploded and you died because you should have waited for the traffic."
    What if, What if, What if.
  8. You WERE in the wrong, legally and morally.....

    I'm sure you expected us all to queue up and bleat about how hard-done-by motorcyclists in general, and you in particular, are, but as you can see, we're not......
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  9. Only on netrider do we get so much pleasure in eating our own............
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  10. I expected your kind of attitude actually :)
    This section is noted as "a place to vent." I have done exactly that with no anticipation towards a reply by anyone.
    Legally, anyone who filters is in the wrong. But there are plenty of 'near miss' threads about it. I don't see you saying the same thing about people who are splitting two lanes of moving cars.
    Morally? He had every right to run me over at the lights didn't he. Every god damn right.
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  11. I rarely hear abuse but when I do I just ignore it and just make sure I create distance between them. No point getting involved in an arguement with idiots.
  12. I'm more than happy to concur when I can see that a rider was genuinely hard-done-by, or endangered, but you put yourself in the situation, and now you want to lambast the driver for doing exactly what he would have been expected to do......
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  13. I'll just post this again.

    Legally, anyone who filters is in the wrong. But there are plenty of 'near miss' threads about it. I don't see you saying the same thing about people who are splitting two lanes of moving cars.
  14. please pray for our souls pauly
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  15. Sounds like the guy that was up my ass while I slowed down for a car turning left in front of me. Then he proceeded to stay up my ass for the next few kms.
    He was angry. Apparently he is allowed to run people over in order to get to the next red light 2 seconds early while in the 4x4, but outside of the 4x4 you have to be nice to him otherwise he might get scared.

    I like how Thailand has special boxes at the front of every traffic light stop for motorbikes to filter in to.

    Normally when I filter, its because some asshole is tailgating.
    Sometimes when you filter you get people poking their head and arm out the window and yelling stuff.

    Police just need to blitz cars tailgating motorbikes, has anyone ever heard of anyone ever getting a fine for intimidating a motorbike by tailgating ?

    People moving their cars in an intimidatory way is the same as someone waving a knife near your throat in the street in my book.
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  16. When said person waves knife at you in the street do you continue to antagonize? I would think I'd back away. Someone looking like they hate motorcycles splitting should be respected, perhaps don't split past him and avoid possible death/injury!
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  17. People like that simply don't look down the road. They spend their whole time staring at the back of the vehicle in front of them, not noticing their path is impeded regardless of the vehicle in front.

    I pull over if I can, let them pass, and then filter past them again. I doubt they learn the lesson though.
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  18. Yeah had this before. Had a driver rage so I just went around the outside lane away from him to split past rather than split past right beside him.

    Not worth getting into an altercation. Whatever way it goes it's still a shit situation. Rather just avoid it all together.
  19. Righto sonny.

  20. Really?

    I've had once 4 boys in a 4 wheel drive wheel down their window to ask me whether my 250 was a 1000 and told me what a cool bike she is when I filtered up next to them.
    Once I had a pick up truck wind down their window to tell me they thought there was something lose on my luggage when I filtered up next to them.
    Just last week I had a van driver give me a thumbs up and tell me about how he rode his Harley the day before when I filtered up next to them.
    I've had PLENTY of people move out of my way once they see me coming up - mostly when I'm just about past past them.
    I've had very, very, very few trying to block my way.
    But I don't recall ever having had someone yell at me while I was filtering past or poking out body parts. And I filter every day >100 km in peak hour traffic.
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