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Locked front brakes... a close one

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by dan_man_x, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. So I was travelling home a slightly different way tonight. The road was wet and must have had rain about 20 mins before I came through. I was approaching an intersection wanting to turn left, there was a 4WD in front of me also turning left.

    I was expecting the 4WD to roll to the front of the give way line to take the left turn and I had applied my brakes softly to start slowing down. I notice that the 4WD was stopping earlier than expected, I stretch my neck to see another car in front with brakes on. Then I notice the car in front was stopping early due to a pedestrian crossing.

    I apply more brake (not too much I didn't think) and the front wheel locked up. I was moving to the left to prepare to take the corner, so the bike started to go sideways. In a split second I put out my foot to balance (stupid trying to plant your foot at 40kph lol), corrected my direction, reapplied a bit of brake and was able to position myself to go around the two cars.

    Overall I came out with it with some adrenaline and a slightly sore leg from sticking it to the road at 40kph. Could have been much worse. I think I lost concentration there, didn't notice the car in front and wasn't expecting the pedestrian. I also did not properly anticipate the slipperyness of the road.
  2. glad you are alright well done for getting out of it I had a similar incident a little while ago too, the rush of adrenaline fcuk me what do I do now etc mine taught me the importance of concentration anticipation and staying in control or not panicking
  3. Glad you're ok. Some lessons learned there, lets hope other take notice and learn without having to experience it first hand.