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Lock This Thread Please!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by banoobi, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. I feel it's going nowhere and I am having that left out feeling, considering everyone else is having their threads locked today, it's just not fair!

  2. Just start a thread about something that someone may have once mentioned on netrider in passing in a thread about something else once a few years ago.

    The mods'll be all over it like sailors on a cheap hooker.
  3. Opyimax was the best petrol but only if you put it an a Harley and you purchased it with your helmet on and lane split for the rest of the day.
  4. I saw someone squidding the other day

  5. Are Hyosong Aquilas utter rubbish?


    Will girls think I am a hot harley biker if I ride one?
  6. This thread deserves to be locked simply because Banoobi started it!

    Awww c'mon! Someone was bound to say it!!

  7. Rossi is gay.

    But is Robsalv?


    Aw come on I can't be the first to have pondered this one?
  8. this thread isnt gonna be locked in a while :LOL:
  9. Too sensible for this thread :LOL:
  10. see, you've shot yourself in the foot, though; you can't get a thread locked by asking for it, you have to follow ibast's instructions :LOL:
  11. Just started raining in Mulgrave :(

    I really wanna see where this thread goes....and Hornets right, asking for a thread to be locked is not the way to do it :wink:
  12. fcuking cancerous Nazi's
  13. Left glove first.
  14. Chicken strips......
  15. ...er, are you asking me out on a date Banboobi? :? [​IMG]


    Thanks but no thanks... hunny. :)
  16. Chicken strips are for Nancy boys who put their left glove on first
  17. I weigh 239kgs, am 6'9" and want the fastest learner bike around. Will I fit on a CBR250RR?
  18. Pffft why dont you go a turbo'd Haybussa, don't worry about the fines n stuff, you know you wont get caught because your going to obey all the 'other' road rules hey. :rofl:
  19. Why do Harley riders never return 'the nod'?!?!