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lock nut and a theory

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pete777, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. hi, i am having extreme difficulty taking off a clutch basket lock nut on a vt250 (honda spada). i have unstaked it, it just wont seem to budge, are they usually this tight??
    has anybody ever heard of a theory that if u leave a clutch in the open air it can ruin it?

  2. I haven't done a clutch under 90nm yet, so yeah, they're tight.... and loctited.

    Kill the loctite, lock the transmission with the appropriate factory tool or any number of backyard methods, get the breaker bar onto it.

    Or simple solution: rattle gun.

    I very much doubt there is anything to that theory. Leave the clutch cover sitting in place to stop crap getting in there, but what do you think is normally inside your case if it is not air?
  3. Difficult without the proper tool to lock the basket.
    +1 rattle gun
  4. Clutch baskit removal tool and a braker bar/rattle gun ...And halve the clutch plates are it the air all the time ...Who told you that one ..

    And dont wedge anything in your gears or jam anything up with a screw driver or bar it will save you alot of tears ...
  5. An old copper 1 or 2 cent piece works. So does 5th or 6th gear with the rear wheel secured (back brake or a tie down strap around the swing arm).
  6. Remove all the clutch plates from the basket/hub and refit 3.

    Steel, fibre and steel.

    Clamp them together with vice grips through one of the basket slots.
  7. thnx for replies riders. i think i will just end up putin my baby on the ute and getting a mechanic to do it. i dont have a rattle gun and it felt like i was about to break my socket. i had to make a pin socket for the lock nut, honda wanted $400 (F*#^) for it, and cant seem to find 1 at various shops.
    can anybody recommend a good mechanic around the sydney area, even better parramatta.