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Locations to Practice Basic Skills

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MrData, Oct 17, 2016 at 18:10.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am looking for a large open space to do some n00b practice. Figure 8s, braking in a curve, tight turns, etc.

    I am in the SE of Melbourne and thus far I've made done with side roads, car parks, etc. There's a great car park in Moorabbin that's deserted after hours, on Cochranes Rd. All the car parks around here are either tiny or busy until quite late.

    Just wondering if anyone knows a good place around the SE or East of Melbourne.


    Mr D.

  2. South east covers a wide area. Give us a preferred suburb you want to be near.
  3. I'm in Narre Warren. But I am open to traveling 30ish mins.

    Thus far I've gone to the Hallam industrial park and the Fountain Gate shopping centre but there's often traffic quite late there.
  4. There are shops with a reasonable size car park on the Princes Hwy near the Monash Sth Gippy exit. Pretty sure there is a Masters Hardware there too.

    It's GreydogGreydog 's old stomping grounds, maybe she can either give a better suggestion or pin down the address more accurately.
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  5. Masters car parks are fantastic to practice in. They even have the slow speed type painted line boxes without any obstacles, very few gutters and oodles of room for slow maneuvering. My first bike and I spent many an hour in my local Masters car park.
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  6. Thanks GreyBMGreyBM and GoldenberriGoldenberri. The Masters one didn't even occur to me and it's not far from here. I'll give it a shot :)
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  7. The one near where I used to live is in Eumemmerring. If you were heading from Narre towards Dandenong its on the left of the highway just past the Monash, almost opposite the Hogs Breath.
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  8. Yeah, Masters car parks will be getting really quiet these days ;-)
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  9. Depending on your time of day Bunnings carparks are great practice spaces.

    I also regularly use the Lysterfield Lake boat carpark which is great, I use the extra large bays to practice slow s turns. down bay one up bay 3 down bay 5 etc then uturn and back again.

    Plenty of space for figure 8s too
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  10. I'll echo something I say to all noobs - you don't need an extra large carpark, you just need a quiet (prefer deserted) one.
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  11. Thanks everyone.

    Great spot, just spent 30 mins there. Got moved on just as I was about to head out anyway :)

    Good call on Lyasterfield, I just need tone get there before sunset as you say.

    I'm hearing you. Just spent almost an hour in Masters carpark and up and down a main 80kph road doing u turns and emergency stops. Then on the way home, stopped at my usual (a little primary school carpark) and did much better than before.

    I have SUCH problems at the moment with turning right slowly or from a stop. It feels completely unnatural and uncoordinated. Left, no problem. Fast right hand, no problem. Slowish right hand that I accelerate out of, no problem. Try to maintain a constant, slow, right hand turn and I poke myself in the eye with a fork I didn't even know I had.

    Anyway, practice is helping. Thanks again guys and gals.
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  12. Check the close times on the gate out the front but in daylight savings it can often be around 8pm
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  13. Yeah you don't need large space for that, just keep it up, look where you want to go and keep that throttle/clutch balance right...
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  14. I used to practice up and down my street because there were roundabouts at each end... but for some reason people didn't like the sound of me roaring up and down all day :(

    Schools are a no go, I got asked 4 times at separate locations...

    I recommend you find a factory area and practice there, large streets, quite on a weekend, no cops.
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  15. Yep, Masters was great for figure 8s.