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Location of rego sticker on bike...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Handy Andy, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I want to move the rego sticker (with the clear casing) away from the rear of the bike (it is under the rego plate at the moment). Is there a rule regarding the location of such rego plates??? I have seen some bikes with different locations, please tell me where you have yours (if its not under the plate). Much appreciated. I have a Ducati Monster 02 620ie.
  2. As far as i know Handy Andy it has to be on the left side of the bike . Any1 is more than welcome to correct me if im wrong .
  3. Under the seat...it fell off after I took a right hander.

    Been like that for 6 months :wink:
  4. on the fridge,
    been there for years!!!
  5. Im preety sure ur right :)
  6. $50 fine for not having it mounted on the left hand side of the bike.
    Depends on how bored the copper is at the time.
  7. Actually its a $51 fine, believe me I know!!! The law says that the rego must be on the front or left of the bike, but as vic says most coppers won't stress too much about it if you yank it out of the boot. My $51 was getting off light, could have lost my license for twisting the wrist a little too much, So I was pretty bloody happy to pay it.

    These days I've got it bolted in behind the left footpeg plate, using the bolt that holds the front of the chain guard. Took a bit to get in into that spot but looks like its going to stay there.
  8. Thanks everyone,

    Is the rule that applies in VIC the same as in QLD????
  9. Mine's been there for almost two and a half years with no problems! The only difference is that some kids ripped mine off when parked out the back of work! :twisted:

    When I've been pulled over, the cops have never even commented on it not being displayed....and I'm sure its not just cos I'm a girl!

    :D :D :D
  10. Mine's on the right hand side of my bike. Got pulled up earlier this year and the copper said nothing about the location of my rego label.
  11. mines on the left hand side next to my swing arm,these days cops can be pricks so makesure u have it in a visble spot
  12. You can mount it on the chain guard also
  13. As has been pointed out, in Vic it "legally" has to be mounted on the front or the left of the bike. For Qld regs I guess best consult the Qld version of Vic Roads or perhaps a phone call to the QLD MRA might tell you. www.mraqld.org is their website, no phone contact details there though but you could email someone for clarification perhaps.
  14. Usually its not a problem, hell all the bike shops put it on the rear mud guard, but the letter of the law states it needs to be visiably displayed on the front or left of the vehicle. Just depends on how clued in the cop is, how bad a day they are having and/or how much of a smartarse you're being (or in lil's case, how little/much she bats her eye lids :D).
  15. Hey I tried that, didn't make a blind bit of difference though :(
  16. Are you bloody Irish Mick? pmsl!
  17. Err no, care to elaborate as you've lost me with the reply?
  18. give MRA Qld a quick call then on to say they don't have a ph no on their website, sounds irish to me!
  19. Mick, the correct response was:

    "Errr no, are you blonde? "
  20. Yer but you weren't tracing your index finger back and forth across his chest and biting on the other at the same time. :LOL: