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Localising to QLD license

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by koma, May 17, 2005.

  1. Just wondering what the go is with if i head up to Qld for a little while, and 'choose' to localise my license whilst im up there. As far as i know, my Victorian restrictions would be ignored when obtaining the Qld license. Right?

    If im going up there to work for a little while, then i might aswell get my arse into gear and localise my license; even if i am going to be coming back down to Vic a few months after. Also, in theory... localising my license back to a Vic one would see me unrestricted.

    Not wanting to be sneaky or anything, just i've had it mentioned to me by a few people and was wanting to know what the real deal is.
    Anyone care to enlighten me?

  2. if you have an open car licence and are on bike p's, you will get open bike and car - i'm pretty sure, someone correct me if i'm wrong.

    Pretty sure it will transfer down to vic as fully open after that too.
  3. Yep, on my full open car license and have been for a while now.
    I'm sure everyone can see my obvious interest in this, as long as theirs nothing uncouth about the whole process... and i'm not going to have to ride another CB250 (nothing personal, their just not 'for me'), i'd like to get this done.
  4. whats the minimum duration one must spend in a state before 'localising'?
  5. Ok, i've just gone on the hunt to clarify some of my own questions... but even the Qld Transport site doesnt answer my real questions.

    1. There is no minimum duration you must 'live' in Queensland before transferring licenses across. There is however a maximum of 3 months that your permitted to use an interstate license.

    2. Transferring the license either costs nothing, or very litte. As far as i can gather if there's time left on your interstate license then QTA will just carry that over into the form of a QLD license.

    Heres the important bit.. regarding restrictions etc.

    What licence classes can I get? or
    What vehicles can I drive? (interstate licence)
    When you change your driver licence to Queensland from another state, you will retain the same classes you had. The conditions and classifications may be a little different.

    It then goes on to list that they also have a Code 'RE' for 'a motorbike with a capacity of no more than 250cc; with or without a trailer.' LMAO @ the trailer with a 2fiddy.

    Anyway, i'm still very curious about this... as i know theres atleast one or 2 netriders that have info on this one... so please; enlighten me. By PM if you don't wish to publicly divulge information such as this.
  6. Koma,

    As far as I know, if you have an open 'car' licence and your code for your bike licence is not RE then in my understanding you have an open class licence for you bike.
    I'm actually going into the main office here in Cairns early next week and will get the answer for you if you don't get one before then.

  7. Well at the moment, along with every other Victorian restricted rider with a full car licence, mine says License Type: R <insert date here>, CAR. Conditions: E.

    I'd love to know what the deal is, perhaps i'll email Queensland Traffic Authority when i get a chance later on.
  8. R: means unrestricted bike license. congrats on getting your license. :wink:
  9. Does your licence show 2 separate dates? One showing when you got your bike licence? The other std licence date?
  10. Yeah, the information is on 2 separate lines; and there are 2 dates printed on it. There is a date for License expiry in 2007 (which i assume is cage license date) and there is a date next to the R under license type which is in 2006.

    I think we have a winner. :D
    Just gotta make that little E down the bottom go away now. ;)
  11. Will PM you when I find out the details. I think they may take into account the bike date.. but hey this is the Qld Guvmt.. Anything could happen! :D :shock:
  12. I agree with Yammy chick - if you've had your car licence for more than 3 years, you can do Q ride and get an open bike licence.
  13. But thats the point; i already have a bike license in Victoria... however i have that annoying little letter E on my license as a condition. (Ie. restricted to no pillion & less than 260cc). ;)

    From my understanding, Qld has no restricted license; so that fact that i hold an open drivers and a open (but restricted) bike license in Victoria means it will carry over into Qld as an open car & bike license.
  14. My 2c:

    The best way to find out is to ring the QLD licencing people. Ask them the question, DON'T tell them who you are.
  15. Personally I'd say that you'd have to do q ride..
    Q ride is actually in 2 parts - you can get a q ride 250 licence (this is for people who've only had their car licence for less than 3 years) and the Open q ride licence. If you have the Q ride 250 licence and want the open, you have to redo Q ride. That's why I think you'd have to do Q ride anyway to get the bigger licence, it's not automatic.