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Local Riverina riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dobbo, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. I suggested this thread in 'site discussion' as to connect local riders or as a one stop shop for those intending to visit the Riverina of NSW.

    Post up ride idea's, suggestions, give great customer service a plug, accommodation, pubs, coffee shops or to organise meet-ups/ social interaction...etc.

    'Riverina' is a fairly broad area, so if you think you are close enough, then post up. (Even N.E Vic down around Beechworth/Wodonga) as I consider these all my local riding areas.

    I am from Wagga Wagga, do most my 'Winter riding' to the West of here, then when summer rolls around, I head for the hills.

    As well as a roadbike, I will do the dirt thing on my DR650, and try and get to the Flinders Ranges (SA) at least once a year.

    I seem to regularly speak to riders around here that say 'they have no one to ride with', so hopefully this forum might help.

    I enjoy doing the odd 'Rally' and have made friends with riders from all over. So off to the Far Cairn Rally tomorrow.

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  2. Have a good time at the rally Dobbo.

    My riding has been severely curtailed lately due to a distinct lack of funds. But with any luck this will change in the not to distant future.
  3. The Far Cairn Rally at Tottenham, NSW is hosted by the BMW club of NSW, and very well organised.
    A few beers can be had, but more about the bikes and riding than just a piss up.
    Tottenham locals support this shin-dig, even providing hot showers and catering.
    I road in via dirt roads, but Tottenham is accessible by tar.
    This is a good rally for those, who are not into the 'hard-core' type stuff.

    Now to go wash off the BMW crud, oh I feel so dirty hanging out with Beemer riders:ROFLMAO:
  4. So you enjoyed it then?

    In other news, was anyone aware that there was dirt bike racing in town on the weekend?

    I don't always read the paper or watch Prime/Win but I do have the radio on most of the day and didn't hear anything about it.
  5. I take delivery of my first road-bike this week, a 2000 model VTR 250. I've got a fair few years experience on dirt and have ridden mates bikes on the road, but will get up to speed before thinking of joining you guys for a ride (wouldn't want to slow ya's down too much).
    Located in the thriving metropolis of Walla Walla, 1/2 an hour from Albury, bout an hour from Wagga.
    Some good roads around here.
  6. Are you on your full licence?

    And surprisingly there are some good roads around Walla Wall/Burrumbuttock/Walbundrie.

    Unfortunately (financial issues) it'll be a while before I head out on any rides.
  7. Nope just my L's.
    Like I said, wouldn't want to slow you blokes down but let us know of any more leisurely rides, or if you need advise on which pubs to visit in this area I have a pretty intimate knowledge in that regard.:beer:
  8. Yeah mate, I was..... as we a mixed up with WWMCSC.
    As for advertising, all the info goes to the Daily Advertiser.... whether it is published is a different story.
  9. From Albury, do the Jingellic ride.... you can't go wrong with any roads out that way.
  10. Road Update:
    Westbrook Road. (running East from Tarcutta)

    I now sealed for it's entire length ( bncry. sorry, it was my dirtbike route)

    Good alternative road to get from Tarcutta to Tumbarumba, on a roadbike.

    From Tarcutta ride the Westbrook Road for it's entire length, keeping an eye out for cattle loose on the road.
    Then at the 'T' intersection turn Right at Taradale road, then follow the signs to Tumbarumba or Greenhills Access road clap.

    I know the Humala road out of Tarcutta is a good run, but it also spit you out on the Wagga-Tumbarumba road, which is riddle with potholes/bumps and freeken log trucks.

    Just thought I'd post this new route up, for something different.
  11. What kind of bike do you have dobbo? Still a long way off but I'm considering getting a dual sport/adventure bike when I'm off restrictions to explore the dirt around here.
  12. Damn, I really liked the challenge of dirt on that road. Oh well. It was also good because a lot of riders wouldn't ride it because there was some dirt.

    I'm probably telling Dobbo how to suck eggs, but for everyone else, if you turn left at the T intersection there is dirt (not bad dirt) until the T junction with Yaven Creek rd. Turn right here and you end up on Greehills Rd. Turn left and you end up West of Adelong - there is some dirt on this road.
  13. @dnardy, I'll second Dobbo's suggestion at doing the Albury-Jingellic road. If you want some dirt to ride try the River Road (Vic side, from Albury go to Bowna).
  14. DR650....... great all-rounder, and best of all for you... LAMS approved
    I ride this thing everywhere, not at any break neck speed (but hey, I can reach the speed limit), I tend to ride any thing from bashing around the forests to Outback roads, have even ridden this bike along the Great Ocean Rd, and down Flinders Street in Melbourne CBD.
    As far as single track, I leave that for the younger guys.

    I also have a roadbike, that offers something different; but If I had to choose one bike.... it would be the DR.

    Sensational riding down your way is right on your door step, anywhere around Bethangra/Bellbridge is a good start.
  15. Thanks for the advice guys. Bike was delivered by my mate yesterday. Hasn't been ridden in the last couple of years, has a flat battery and rear disc is a bit rusty from sitting there. I'll be changing the oil and putting fresh fuel in it before I ride it. Nice and clean bike with good service history, and the yellow and black doesn't look as girly as I thought it would, and will match my L plates :cool:. Will have it registered in the next couple of weeks, when finances allow.

    Now, in the spirit of this thread, have you guys ridden the stretch of road between Granya and the Murray Valley Hwy? Think it's called the Granya Gap.
    Well worth a look and I'll head up there early one morning shortly.
  16. ^Road running out of Granya to the south.
  17. #17 b12mick, Sep 27, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2013
    Yes, numerous times. It it a fun (if short) peice of road.

    Realistically if you take a line from Albury up to Khancoban across to Omeo, Bright, Beechworth and back to Albury there isn't a bad road (dependent on your view of dirt roads).

    Some highlights that I enjoy the most.

    Albury to Jingellic - follow Dam/river road.

    Albury to Mt Beauty on the Gundowring Rd (East side of Kiewa River).

    Tawonga Gap (Mt Beauty to Bright)

    There are also numerous 'GAP' roads the link between the Great Alpine Rd and Kiewa Valley Hwy.
  18. Anyone going to tempt fate and double demerits this weekend? Personally, I'll be staying out of the way.

    Did anyone see the police overkill on Pearson St Tuesday morning at 8:00am. I wonder how much that little operation cost?
  19. Working most of the long weekend. But as you mentioned this coming weekend is a Double Demerit feast here in NSW.
    So, If I jump on a bike, I think I'll stick to the dirt back roads.

    Anyone going to the 'Trout Rally' at 3 Mile Dam (Selwyn) first weekend of November?
    Same weekend at the Snowy ride.
  20. Going for a ride tomorrow... Wed 09/10/13
    Departing Kooringal McDonalds (Wagga) @ 8am
    Full day ride... home by 5pm.

    Heading up the mountains, probably having lunch at Adaminaby.

    if interested, cya at maccas.