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Local Rider Jed Metcher to Moto2 in 2010

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mike8863, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Having a wallet with not much more than fluff in it means that I can't help Jed directly, but if spreading the word helps him in any way then I'm only too willing to help......

    ( lifted from the Preston club forum )

    Go Jed...

    ( mods, if you feel this post would do better in another category please move it, thanks. )
  2. Hell yeah, GO JED!!! =D>
  3. Go you champion!! What a great opportunity, hopefully he can raise up the cash. Maybe he should approach One HD, they've been backing Jessica Watson with her campaign. Given Ten's involvement in MotoGP hopefully they could at least help him with exposure to gain major sponsorship.
  4. I must have missed something; this was listed as a scam when it was posted just yesterday, and now it's back again :?
  5. Definitely NOT a scam.

    I have known Jed and his father, Mel, for a number of years starting way back when we were all involved in minimoto at the GPTC in South Morang, followed by the then "junior development days at Broadford with Dougie Dukes. Later when my son and Linc Sutherland, graduated from minimoto to 125GP, Jed and his father were there competing. When I did my coaching and officials licences to assist with the junior development days Mel, Terry and the crew were there to assist with the coaching.
    Must be all working, because look where junior roadracing is today.

    In short, you couldn't meet a nicer young bloke. He is a real credit to the sport, an outstanding rider.

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  6. The real deal, have a glance at his racing results of the last few years if in doubt - plain awesome stuff!
  7. I doubt that this is a scam. I know Jed. he is a straight up bloke, and a bloody good racer. I hope that he gets this ride, and does well.
  8. Yep you missed it by a wide margin. YOU assumed it was a scam.
  9. Not a big deal, Rob. Even hornet makes a blue from time to time. Let's let it go.
  10. Gday,have known Jed since he was born.Just went and saw him last night as he is on the island for the final round,he told me about his website and while looking for it i found this thread.
    I have supported him always and go watch him race,Jed is my 5yo sons idol!Jed always takes time to sit him on the bike and show him round the pits,meet other riders etc a top well mannered and humble kid.
    Watching him ride the 50s at sth morang you could tell he had talent,the old man started talking about a gp125.A small inheritance afforded them a very average 12yr old honda,which they would soon pour $$ into.
    One day while having a cuppa with Mal,i laid it out for Jed,basically i asked him what he wanted from his racing,to stuff around,or to be a world champion,he replied world champion,i said well then over the next few years all ya mates are gonna have cars,going to partys, be sinking piss and chasing girls,if you wanna be a world champion we'll have none of that,its gonna be hard work and a lot of dedication,he looked me in the eye and said 'i want to be a world champion'.
    I think he could be a world champion,currently top 10 in first year of 600s aint to bad,but like the rest of the talent out there its cash that holds em back, moto 2 is a chance for a more level playing field,where rider talent shines,not the sponsors/factorys stickers.
    If Jed ever gets a factory ride, look out he will be a regular on the podium.
  11. P.S. Jed Metcher now holds the 600supersport lap record at broadford.
  12. He may not ever win a World Championship, but he is a top bloke, and a great racer, so let's just see how it all goes
  13. He wont win a world championship on the bike he is on thats for sure.Qualified 6th yesterday,only factories in front of him so thats a good effort.Less than two seconds off first,which is a big gap for a privateer,a better bike and he would have the factory guys worried.
    The results speak for themselves,a great result in last years gp as a wildcard,and hopefully a top 10 finish in his first year of supersport.
  14. He works hard, and will go well, if he gets the ride. Go Jed.
  15. I almost seems that the Australian riders need that big corporate/company sponsership nowdays to really make that big jump ahead.

    Lots of little sponsers just seems to help them keep battling on (which is also needed as well).

    Do the larger motorcycle stores and chains like Peter Stevens and BikeBiz sponser any local riders on the international scene?

    Anyway, goodluck with it Jed.
  16. Its an all too familiar story with many sports.Thank god for all the smaller sponsors or there would be less guys out there giving it a go,every little bit helps.
    Jed has finished this year (1st year of supersport) 8th in the national and 5th privateer.
    A 5th and 9th place yesterday at the island gave him enough points to earn the 8th position in the championship,not a bad effort i reckon.
  17. Great effort, in fact.
  18. I know he would be spewing on the 9th in race 2,he was doing the times to run at the back of the front pack,but hey thats racing.With the season now over i get my surfing buddy back,lol,Mal is a keen surfer,so is Jed,bit of cross training over the summer for the young fella will keep him nice and fit,ready for next year.
    Wish i could find some cash for em,being from a motocross background myself i know how hard it is to get sponsors,even with great results its still hard.
  19. Not easy for anyone
  20. Jed is off to holland early march to race for R.t motorsports of germany,more details on the M.A web site.
    Well done Jed.