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Local Government and their incompitent workers..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Death_logic, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Yes!

  2. Don really care.

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  3. I wish they would all die!

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  1. Hello! I was in a very confusing situation today. I had to go to parramatta (NSW) to visit the NRMA office.I thought it would be better to ride on the bike and get there quicker as it was peak hour traffic, as some of you might know Sydney councils have developed a new scam a parking meters and so they were recently installed in Parra too.As i was riding along i was looking for a parking spot and has been presented with dilemma if i park where parking meters are DO I HAVE TO BUY A TICKET AND IF SO WHERE CAN I PUT VISIBLE ENOUGH FOR PARKING INSPECTORS(= Leaches of society) AND UNREACHABLES ENOUGH FOR SOME ONE TO PINCH IT. Well i found parking spot however not the most legal one there.Anyway once i got home i contacted RTA for them to resolve my dilemma, however neither operator nor her supervisor nor any other one in the office there could figure out the exact answer, so i was told they'll call back. Half an hour later the called back and said that Parra council didnt have procedures in place to answer my inquiery, and they bluntly said to put the ticket under the strap for the pillion passenger , also implying they dont really care about motorcycles in terms where to put the ticket.

    Any of you fellow netriders with any suggestions please post here.

  2. don't but a ticket and then if you get a fine tell them it was sitting on your dash and someone stole it :wink:
  3. yeah, i'd go with that one for sure :grin:

    luckily we dont have to worry about that down here, our gov gets enuff money from speeding tickets to not have to worry about parking tickets :LOL: :LOL:
  4. The other option is to buy the ticket and put it in your wallet. If you get a fine, present the ticket as proof that you had one and claim it was clearly in view. It could be a pain in the arse but after a few occaisions the inspector will tire of looking like a knob and stop booking you (hopefully). :)
  5. You know all the parking inspectors are knobs woth no life at all.Plus the hassle of having to go to tribunal to prove it is very time consuming. I was wondering if anyone has any idea regarding the legislation which governs parking meters and their slaves parking B#$%hes.
  6. That reminds me, i have to go down to centrelink this week :(

    Government Scum :evil:
  7. Legally if you don't display the ticket you are up for the fine of not displaying the ticket.

    Most councils are understanding of this, but standard practice is.

    1) Buy Ticket
    2) Keep Ticket in wallet.
    3) If you get a ticket mail back photocopy of ticket, stating ticket was in your rego label holder, as this was the only "semi-secure" place to put it.

    Don't claim you didn't display the ticket or if you get some nasty beucrats, you'll lose when you go to court.
  8. Thats an interesting point of view.Thanks ill keep in mind.
  9. Interesting concept.

    Do you honestly believe the crap that you are spewing?

    Parking inspectors have a job to do, funnily enough, so do you. You don't appreciate being called a knob for chosing to do the job you are doing.

    People that bag other peoples choice of occupation in my books are far bigger knobs than parking inspectors. :evil:
  10. But aren't we allowed to hate tax collectors, couldn't that be the exception to the rule.

    Its so nice to sit back and say he's only doing his job and fair enough but if someone gives me a fine he isn't going to get brotherly love from me,
    even if I deserved the fine in the first place.
  11. Next time you are there and there's a parking inspector in view ask him (or her). They don't normally bite and you'll have made them aware of the issue. If you have a problem with the Council in the future you have a precedent to refer to as well.

    In fact by treating them like a human being you'll probably make a friend for life... :LOL: :LOL:

    I'd actually be very surprised if they hadn't come across this issue before seing that you live in such a backward state. :p :p

  12. What about buying the ticket, taking a photo using ur camera phone and then putting the ticket in you wallet. that way you have photographic proof you had a ticket?
  13. Nah it's state govt who gets money from the speeding fines. The local govts will fight hard to get their share of the pie, and that means more ticket machines across the metro.

    Tried parking in St Leonards recently? :mad:
  14. Firstly if you respect yourself you wont go and get a job as a parking inspector, secondly i passionately hate them for a reason because i have been treated unfairly so they are KNOBS!!!!And yeah they dont really have life too!!!!IF u think about they dont really have to book any one just tell them to move on if they see someone illegally parked, thirdly in our "backward state" we pay enough taxes duties and slips for regestration of the vehicle so we should be allowed to park where we want without paying unless of coarse its a dangerous spot.
  15. I would be asking for the RTA's advice (to put it under pillion strap) in writting.
    Then you could use it any time they fined you ;)
  16. We pay enough is taxes, fees and fines, we should be allowed to walk into any shop and take whatever we feel like. Why pay for anything, sureley our taxes have everything covered?

    I was a parking infringement officer, I very much enjoyed my job.

    I derived immense pleasure booking arsewipes that had blatent disregard for the rules that governed the area that they were parking in.
    Some of those rules were there for safety, others for fairness. I wrote a shit load of tickets and I let a shit load of people off too. SOME PIO's are utter pricks that power trip, most are good examples of humans.

    I even booked a motorcyclists once :)
  17. What a load of dribble.
  18. I hope you were a proud member of PARKING OFFICERS and i hope enjoyment came with power trip you've got from working as one in the "force". As i mentioned earlier i have a big problem with Parking "arsewipes" officers since i've been booked and paid if there were no ticket machines they would be no need for useless parking "arsewipe" officers!!!!!
  19. nice try mate, but you cant back away from what you've already said.

    if i recall correctly you said something like......

    "you all know parking inspectors are knobs with no life"

    dont get me wrong, i agree that there are SOME parking inspectors who really wish they were cops but most are just doing their jobs.

    what really pisses me off about parking laws is the way they differ totally from one council to the next so you never know what rules apply. makes it bloody hard to stick to the rules when they change all the time.
  20. Assuming there were no machines, then by your thinking no officers, then who is going to police the illegal parking in, no standing, no stopping, disable parking only, bike parking only, clearways, 1hr only between xx:xxam and xx:xx pm Xday to Xday etc?????

    Think outside the grudge your living in!