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Local elections today

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smileedude, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Just a reminder to vote to avoid a fine. Local elections seem to be the least publicised and forgettable event.

  2. Yup I'm leaving now to beat the queue
  3. http://www.votensw.info/

    ...for those who want to read the statement from the person they are going to vote for.

    Note that it is not compulsory to vote. It is compulsory to turn up and get your name marked off (or face a $55 fine). You can then do what you like.

  4. Ahhhh Anarchy, like Communism, it works in theory.
  5. Vote early, vote often.
  6. Quote usually credited to Al Capone !
  7. According to some (Europeans mostly) anarchy is a form of communism, in crazy places where they mean communal ownership but run at a local level (c.f. central planning) -- I think they just assume the communal ownership bit. But I am a fan of the "small government, private ownership" ideal which is what most people in the Anglosphere mean when they say "anarchy" (Leo Tolstoy is next on my reading list)...back to your scheduled programming.
  8. not enrolled - life's easier.
  9. i have to go and get my name tick off:butt: , wish u could vote on line:cheeky:
  10. I actually did the right thing and researched the candidates. I really struggled to find five names worthy of getting a number next to their name. I got to the polls this morning, and two of the names I'd picked weren't on the bloody ballot paper. So I picked two names at random for 4 and 5. Checked them when I got home, one of them was a left wing lesbian greenie by the sounds of her policy statement....

    Not one of them, by the way, mentioned roads, garbage or water in their policies.
  11. I remember the sex party were very positive on MC. Plus as a late night stayer outer they were one of the only parties against bar lockouts and curfews. Plus they didn't bother me at the place I went to vote. Major browny points in my book.
  12. I hate these people...
    "Cold on the bike?"
    *Ignores the pamphlet waver*
    "Cold on the bike?"
    "Want one of th-"

  13. I reckon you could get a fair proportion of votes by calling your party the "we didnt try to give you a how to vote card party".
  14. Had no idea who to vote for, pretty much only had Labour and Liberal................I went by the sexiest/hottest looking ;).
  15. Nostrovia Comrade
  16. I suppose i went the same philosophy. This is who I voted for mayor. [​IMG]
  17. hmmm...i walked through a group of what like 8 people wioth different pamplets i grabbed the one i wanted and ignored everyone but its like that WANT to GET IN YOUR FACE..its like mate step back before i put my size 14 up your ass! :p
  18. I tool all the pamphlets, didnt read and chucked em to the nearest bin...............
  19. We've had enough dominatrixes for Mayors as it is, although not usually nearly as easy on the eye. Plenty of roleplayers too.

    I prefer someone from a consensual sex party.
  20. so who voted for clover .... somebody must have thought she was sexy:moped: