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Local concils and now NSW government banning bottled water

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. A day ago a little town up the road made headlines for banning bottled water being sold, Now the nsw government is banning it to public service departments.
    I personally think buying water for hundreds of times the amount it costs from the tap is rather stupid, but would small business people be so happy being ordered to not sell goods that there is obviously a demand for, and shouldn't people if they have the money and wish to buy it be allowed to do so in a free country?

  2. Certainly should be allowed,

    Sometimes it can be the only practical way too!

    Rather stupid ban to me.
  3. G'day everyone,...

    Well I can see the point about reduceing the production of plastic bottles,...
    I never did understand why people were wanting to buy water when you can get it from the tap.

    I always thought it was a 'Yuppie' thing,like they had better water because it came from a waterfall in the Amizon or some such.

    If people dont like the quality of the water from their tap they can always put a filter in the system.

    Emagin the money you could save and spend on fuel to go have a great ride with!??

    Dr Who?
  4. I wonder if this idea will spread to Adelaide. Over there, they would have to put the water through a full series of gravel grading mesh before the filter.
  5. Despite the Government encouraging this to become a widespread thing among towns and retailers - potentially destroying the price of my holding in Coca-Cola Amatil (Gained when I worked for them. They are the owners of the top two Australian brands - Mount Franklin and Pump)...

    I don't understand why there is such a pressing need to ban an essentially "healthy" product.

    Why isn't it more urgent to ban cigarettes first? Don't they cause massive health problems in addition to environmental factors, like litter and fire?

    I think it must be because water is not a taxable item... cigarettes are. And boy does the Government make money riding on the coattails of the tobacco industry.
  6. Locals decided to act when drinks company Norlex Holdings announced plans to tap an underground reservoir in the town, truck the water up to Sydney and then send it back in bottles.
  7. AFAIK, they're not banning water, just the method to carry it to the consumer (plastic bottles).
  8. Bah, bunch of latte-sipping, chardonay-drinking, tree-hugging, bicycle-riding, Lexus-driving (or probably Prius-driving which is worse) rich eco-hippes with nothing better to do with their time than think of yuppie schemes to attract attention to their dreary little town.


    Check back here later and I'll tell you what I REALLY think of the idea!
  9. Its not so bad now, the water is actually transparent in Adelaide these days. It still has a metallic taste though; you probably want a brita filter for your tap water before drinking it.
  10. I think you'll find it's got nothing to do with health. It's got to do with the unnecessary production of plastic bottles and the unnecessary carbon being emitted in bottling the water. Most of all it is about the unnecessary infrastructure and transport needed to get it to you, despite the fact you can get the same thing by just opening the tap.

    I'm amazed it ever established itself as a product in first place in Australia. i would have liked to think Australians had enough healthy cynicism to avoid it.

    In reality I don't think it will have that much impact. Many people that buy bottled water are buying a drink because they haven't got access to a tap they trust. So they will just substitute the water for another packaged product.

    Some people buy bottled water because they are gullible. Hopefully this will help those people wake up to themselves.
  11. Good .....we live by the beach and the amount of plastic water bottles that litter the shore is shocking.
  12. I wish they would ban every single soft drink first :roll:

    You would be reducing the plastic usage as well as stopping the sale of what is a harmful addictive drug, to both adults and children alike.

    But no, its all down to who has the biggest lobby group.

    Farking worlds going to shit. :roll:
  13. awesome...and then i thought about it and wondered why the fcuk wouldn't they ban soft drinks first?

    i can understand the sentiment however i'm all for choice...i choose not to buy bottled water period. having that forced upon me...well, that's a precedent, no.
  14. Anyone who thinks this is environmentally-driven has only seen the card 'over here', in magician-speak.

    The REAL agenda is ideology; pure and simple. The politics of envy hates the big corporations, like Coca-Cola, and their products are an easy target.

    Why do I like bottled water? Simple, it's COLD when you buy it; Unless you live in Bundanoon, water out of the tap, isn't. In Bundanoon, of course, for three months of the year, you won't be able to get natural water, either, because most of the pipes will be frozen :LOL:.
  15. Another leap of illogic Paul?

    Why aren't they banning banks and much much larger and nastier corporations first??
  16. This is the point, companies like coca cola are NOT easy to pick on otherwise regulations would have reeled in the usage of HFCS, caffeine and other additives a long time ago.
  17. jeez, give it a break will you??? this is a discussion forum, not a police state
  18. ...that's right, soooo since I'm one of the folk sleighted by the magician's hand, I was wondering why nastier more envy inspiring corporates weren't in the firing line... *shrug*
  19. Adelaide water gave me stomach complications.

    Drinking bottled water only is silly in oz - we have perfectly good water from the taps. The "health" benefits of bottled water are marketing at it's best - selling something that doesn't really exist for a high premium to suckers.

    Petrol is about $1.20-1.40 per litre and we complain like that adnauseum. Bottled water is minimum $2 for 500ml, or $4 per litre.

    Crazy times.

    Having said that - a water bottle is sometimes a handy thing to have.