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Local Car Industry In Danger, Ford Critical

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. As a Ford fan it is with sadness that I can say this is no great surprise. Even Prodrive has conceded this with them selling their share of FPV.

    In comparison to Holden, Ford (global) only has themselves to blame. Their scaling down of advertising and sponsorship over the last 10 years, along with the lack of innovation has annoyed and disheartened many fans. So much so, that I am 50/50 leaning towards buying a Commodore next time I'm buying a new family car. This coming from a Ford family through and through: I was driven home from the hospital of my birth in a Cortina GT, learnt to drive in the same car, and have only ever owned Ford's.
  2. I seem to recall people saying Ford is fcuked for a good decade now, and i'm only 23. It's sad news, but they haven't really changed their styling or anything in a long time, just minor tweaks. I own a 2001 XR8 220, and my first car was a '72 Fairlane, so I'm definitely a Ford man, and wouldn't buy a Holden. But I have to admit, their aggressive styling tickles me, and that irks me so :p
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    Biggest mistake Ford has made in recent times was investing far too heavily in the Territory - just as people were moving away from large SUVs into smaller cars. It's exactly the same mistake the car makers in the USA made, ie refusing to accept reality and instead gambling on the hope that things would go back to the way they used to be.

    Only thing that's keeping Holden out of trouble is the fact they have the Cruze, which sells better than the Commodore some months of the year. Instead of wasting cash trying to keep alive an outdated platform Ford probably would have been better off investing in making the Focus under licence instead, perhaps also adding local production of the Mondeo to compete against the Camry (which at the moment is selling almost as many per month as Falcons and Commodores combined).

    Given how small our population is, I'm surprised we've been able to support so many carmakers for so long. But with more and more "Japanese" cars coming out of Thailand, and "European" cars out of China, it's going to get a lot tougher for Aussie carmakers to compete.
  4. Australians love the Camry,the Honda of the car world.
  5. Check out the car park at the Ford and Holden factories, they are full of Korean bombs, hmmmmm.
  6. Same as the Korean factories.
  7. It was bound to happen. With poor advertisement of the Falcon (if at all) saw the local Ford market drop pretty quickly. Being a Ford fan it is sad to see but they didn't help themselves by investing a lot of their research on the Territory as mentioned by jd. I do find it odd, however, that Ford did release the Falcon LPi, which is a dedicated gas model with injection technology giving more power and torque over the petrol. So still the power of a 6 with cheaper running cost, the 4 cylinder turbo was a bit of a bust I believe. Took one of the 4Ts for a test drive and I must say the power delivery was very smooth, but does lack the initial power oomph you get out of a 6. Large car with pretty reasonable fuel economy, however the reliability of the Japanese and some European cars sell better than locally, some what unreliable cars.

    In the end I think most people go for European or luxury Japanese cars for stature...to say they drive something other than a Ford/Holden which supposedly bogans only drive and hoon in.
  8. Do you think FPV will go down with the main brand?
  9. Yes.

    I don't think the 4T was an Australian thing, much more likely euro or Brit. They are being used in the formula Ford.
  10. That was another mistake made by Ford. Can't remember when it was exactly but I do remember Ford running a lot of ads on TV trying to be more "blokey" than Holden. Problem is that these ads did nothing to persuade die-hard Holden fans to switch brands, and apparently cost them a lot of sales of their smaller models to Mazda/Toyota - especially with women.

    Kinda reminds me of Alec Issignosis' famously saying "I don't want bloody women driving my cars" - only to later wonder why his Mini couldn't compete with the likes of the Honda Civic (a car specifically designed and marketed with women drivers in mind).
  11. Most likely

    4T was an American thing. Pretty sure it's the Ecoboost from their "Fusion" to be released in 2013. Didn't Ford US want to do something about a "one manufacturing" thing where manufacturing globally is run on one system? not sure if that meant one platform of car (ie, Taurus world wide) and get rid of the Falcon all together. I don't mind the Taurus in looks (2009-2012...2013 I'm iffy), but I much prefer local Falcon any day.
  12. It may be just a tad early to declare the death of the Great Aussie Six, but the food for the wake should be being prepared....
  13. As an owner of a new Ford, I wouldn't buy another one for love nor money.
    The absolute worst piece of shit, thrown together buy half arsed drunk baboons.
    Mine is three years old and I've had to replace most things on it already.
    The bushings though out the car are an absolute joke.
    Suspension bushes replaced after 15,000k's
    Diff bush @ 20,000
    Drivers seat at 8,000
    Dash rattles from the start
    ICC failed at 30,000.
    I have put at least five grand into the suspension parts on this and it still is a nightmare to balance
    The worst part is the FORD service or total lack of it. There lack of respect for their product, themselves and Ford in general. Absolutely disgusted in the way I have been treated by Ford.
    This shit fight between the dealer and Ford has been going on since the eighties.
    Ford has no one to blame but themselves and their poxy attitude towards their customers.
    And GM is only standing because of Gov handouts and staff taking a 35% pay cut to keep their jobs. And brilliant marketing
  14. VBU is to blame , constant pushing over decades
    for higher wages has made manufacturing unviable.

    os a factory worker is a low paid laborer in aus the assembly
    line has qualified tradies and professions who just do
    the assembly because it pays more.
    young kid thats unsure which way is up even if you point
    gets about 60 grand .
    double what they shud get.
  15. If Toyota put out a rear wheel drive Aurion it would put both GMH and Ford out of their misery.
    I own a Camry that's cost me next to nothing more than regular service charges and tyres to maintain for close to 100 000kms. I'd never own a Falcon and always been a Holden supporter since my old HT panel Van. What a beast, with that ever reliable 186, those were the days. Falcons took a wrong turn somewhere around the XD, what buckets of shite they were.
    I reckon my next vehicle would be something German or Italian in origin for a commuter/weekend drive machine and definitely rear wheel drive. The Australian car market has lost it's way somewhere along the line and the European machines are getting more affordable.
  16. They don't need to. They already have the Hilux for anyone who needs RWD for towing - and it's been the biggest selling vehicle in Australia for quite a while now (though it doesn't get listed on the stats for new car sales since it's classed as a light commercial). The performance benefits of RWD became irrelevant once people started realising that small/medium sized FWD cars actually offer better handling thanks to a far more sophisticated suspension design (ie the Mazda 3 and many of the small European hatches).

    As the sales figures show those who just want a basic sedan seem to be opting for the cheaper/better equipped Camry instead - which is still much bigger than early Falcon/Commodores and more than adequate for the average family. Non-average families seem to be buying small hatchbacks or softroader style vehicles (which make sense given most of the population only use their car for commuting in a major city), or they're buying 7-seaters for moving kids around the suburbs.

    The old days of people driving for fun and having genuine pride in their car are long gone. Now they just seem to be seen as an ipod/iPhone accessory.
  17. GM has record profits last few years. Almost? totally paid back the gov loan from 08, mainly by exporting to China.
  18. Serves 'em right for persisting in building outdated dinosaurs with dynamic qualities that the rest of the world would have laughed at 30 years ago and build quality that would shame China on a Friday afternoon.

    It's quite noticeable that the rot has really set in for the Falcon and, to a lesser extent, the Commodore, since fleet buyers stopped buying them, in favour of smaller, more sophisticated cars. Lack of fleet sales has shown up the simple fact that not very many people will buy an Aussie six with their own money. Certainly not enough to sustain the major efforts of two manufacturers.

    Ford and Holden have only themselves to blame for this. The writing was pretty clearly on the wall even two decades ago and yet all the resources have continued to go into a commercial dead end. Shithouse management to go along with shithouse manufacturing.
  19. There's nothing like a nice RWD six sedan for carting all the kids and a caravan.