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Local Adelaide riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by phil01, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Adelaide we need yo get our crap together
    Regular meets , mornings ....

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  2. It would be great to get some rides happening.
    But as I am currently unwell it will make the wait that little bit harder knowing I am missing out.
  3. I'd enjoy the occasional group ride. I can usually only ride at specific times though so I wouldn't be a regular.
  4. I am same as i work weekend arvos
    I usually go for a spin on weekdays - thurs friday
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    Agreed :) I am a weekender work mon-fri

  6. any adelaide cruisers ride thurs / fridays ? weird i know but some people work
    different hours to the norm .
  7. I may not have a cruiser, but heck I generally get those days off so maybe a cruise into town might be in order.
  8. yeah thats cool , happy to catch up for a cruise sometime.
  9. I'd be in it if the timing was right and the weather fair.
  10. maybe kick off a coffee nite? or a movie nite?
  11. Inaugural event is on this Sunday.
    JP is TEC for this ride.
  12. which bike you taking blabbus
  13. 1098,just in case JP has been taking lessons.
  14. Coffee night sounds awesome, just need a venue and a meeting place!
  15. I'm moving down at the end of the year and would be keen to meet some fellow riders for a ride.
  16. What do you ride ?
  17. 2010 Honda VFR800
  18. When I saw the thread title I thought you were barracking for the Crows....
  19. We are...aren't we? Oh well I am anyway.