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Lobster's Ninja 300

Average User Rating:
  1. on the fence about frame sliders, tossing up between yoshi's where i have to hack up the fender or shoguns where they come out through the vents.
  2. Added some accessories to the ninja yoshi bar ends, yoshi spools, and a seat cowl. yoshi sliders and fender eliminator on the way.

  3. Installed yoshi sliders and fender eliminator also put up a photo of the hole size for those who are curious.
  4. Hey Lobster! Is that seat cowl an OEM one? I am thinking of getting a non-OEM one off eBay but I'm worried the green does not match the 2013 Ninja Special Edition Green and Black! Also with your sliders, which ones did you get? And is yours the ABS or non ABS version? Cheers!