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loan wolf

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pragnasty, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. i tend to find that due to work constraints i never get a chance to join in group rides.
    i do a lot of commuting (600km+ a week) and love playing with the cagers in traffic :twisted:
    but i also enjoy riding by myself as i can push myself without endangering other riders???
    Id rather have the road entirely to myself then to be stuck in a pack of bikes..

    does anyone have the same preference?
  2. Im easy on either . I like the group thing , but i also like solo .
  3. Just not cheap :D :D :D
  4. I generally prefer riding on my own, or in small groups - 2 or 3.
    On my own I can ride to my own limits than feel the pressure of having to stay with the group especially when the other riders are more experienced or know the roads better.
  5. The vast majority of my touring riding has been done solo. I like the independence and the ability it gives me to change and innovate. I also find that, when I'm travelling with a group, I tend to "worry" about if the rest of the group is OK. On solo rides, it's just me, the road and all my favourite Gilbert and Sullivan scores singing inside my helmet.
  6. Loan wolf? Is that anything like a loan shark? :LOL:
  7. I was expecting the same thing: some dodgy offers or request for cash. :p I think you're looking for 'lone', pragnasty.

    On topic, while I can appreciate the odd solo ride, it's generally a helluva lot more fun riding in a group through some nice twisties. :)
  8. Spelling Nazi: I'm tippin he meant Lone Wolf....
  9. Point A to B riding is the way to go.

    The group stretched out over a distance and you find yourself with your own bit of road or one or two others make the same pace but everyone Concertinas back together at point B. Best of both worlds.

    But yer it is nice just getting out on your own, making your own pace both on the road and when you pull up for a bit of fuel and bite to eat. Simplifies everything to a great degree.
  10. Solo riding

    Most of my solo riding has been for the simple necessity of getting from A to B (before this stint after selling my last bike in '85).
    Now because the "new" bike is for recreation, I do find I enjoy riding by myself, although I always have Mrs Hornet in the back of my mind, wondering if I am ok, so I don't take too many risks (refer the recent mediocre thread)
    Although I haven't done it yet, the idea of a longer group, spread out over a distance with each rider "finding" his or her own pace and riding with people of the same pace, sound the ant's pants to me; maybe on the Tamworth Overnighter I might get a chance to be involved in that, sounds fun.
  11. Altough I'm still on P's I do ride a fair bit. Until last weekend I was always one out and enjoyed every minute. Last weekend (and today) I went out with a small group. They were vastly more experienced and had bigger bikes, yet we all managed to stay reasonably close together. I never felt the need to push the bike or myself past our limits and had a great time. As a previous poster suggested, leave point A, agree to stop at point B. Simple!
  12. Personally i much prefer to ride with at least one other, preferably following. I can then judge minimum corner speeds, etc...
    I can almost always keep up with a faster rider if im following them when setting the pace...
  13. I don't know about playing with cagers, I like to work my way safely in front of them so I'm out of danger. Oh wait, the law requires me to keep under the speed limit, which means I'm stuck driving behind Mr I-need-to-tailgate-and-brake-super-hard-and-cause-traffic-snarls-because-im-stupid.

    Anyway - I do agree with the 'lone rider' idea though. The freedom to go and find a piece of road - a few kms that your tax alone would have paid for in your lifetime - and have some fun by yourself.

    Group rides are good, but I find that they seem to pressure inexperienced riders, and bore advanced riders. Nothing beats the solitude of the open road - just leave out the cagers with fcuking caravans.
  14. i have never been on a group ride but i am looking forward to meeting up some fellow netriders. I do have a mate i sometimes ride with, but do prefer being on my own. Just can do your own thing, go your own pace.
  15. alright ill fess up.
    its fun to ride with a pillion caus they can give you a massage when you ride :p :p :p
  16. I prefer to ride with groups that are out to have fun. Fun first priority, Life Second, and Road Rules and Respect last.

    pity i can't find any. =[
  17. I honestly prefer to ride by myself.. less people to laugh at you if you come off rofl
  18. The DOWN side is that you have to pick the damn thing up all by yourself!!!!