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loading zone rule

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by madmaxoz, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Hi. I obtained my license in 1977. Back then, you could be in a "loading zone" if you were picking up/dropping off goods. 2 weeks ago, I was picking up "flowers" and was on a motor bike. I parked my bike in the loading zone opposite the Florist for not more than 7 minutes. Loading zone sign said: "15 minutes Loading zone". When I came out with the box of flowers, a parking officer had just finished placing a ticket on my seat. He said he could see I was picking up goods, but it was too late as the ticket was entered. He said he would make a note that I was with goods and was not complaining.

    He also said that I needed a "G" on my registration label which I did not know about. I also have asked couriers I have seen since then and some did, but many didn't know about this!

    As I have never been advised I needed this(G), do I have a legal right not to pay the $119 fine?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. It really depends on the council where it is but generally I was always under the impression to make use of a loading zone you must be a commerical vehicle other then for passenger set down / pickup and then the time limit is like 2 minutes... where commercials get a 20 minute limit.
  3. Pay up, you had no legal right to stop in a loading zone. It is for commercial vehicles, not regular Joe's going to the shops. It differs state to state on point (c) below, but for example in the ACT the vehicle must have a loading zone permit if it doesn't fit in category (a) or (b).

    ARR 179 Stopping in a loading zone
    (1) A driver must not stop in a loading zone unless the driver is driving:
    (a) a public bus that is dropping off, or picking up, passengers; or
    (b) a truck that is dropping off, or picking up, goods; or
    (c) a vehicle that is permitted to stop in the loading zone under another law of this jurisdiction.
  4. Max not sure about the G factor but for vehicles to park in loading bays without getting a fine a vehicle needs to have a courier or company name logo on it's side door.
  5. I think it needs more then that to be honest, I believe it has to have a commerical vechile permit on display.
  6. Are you:

    * a taxi or public bus dropping off or picking up passengers?
    * a truck over 4.5 tonnes dropping off or picking up goods?
    * a courier or delivery vehicle with a permanent sign that says so?
    * a load carrying vehicle dropping off or picking up goods with the proper VicRoads ID label?

    If not... then get the f*** out of the loading zone so people can get on with their jobs.
  7. You should have parked on the footpath outside the shop.
    Loading zones in Vic are for marked or commercial vehicles only, A sticker on the glass or a magnetic sticker on the door does Not comply with the requirements.
    If you take it to court or fight it, they'll say, "why didnt you legally park on the footpath"