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Loading Zone fine

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Blaise, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I think this might be one for Justus to comment on. My g/friend was pinged for parking in a loading zone a few weeks ago but there's a twist...

    Essentially she had all intentions of parking in the service-way street in Liverpool where everything is marked "Loading Zone" (she has a shop and was dropping off flowers she'd bought at market that day) in her 4WD Ford Territory. What transpired was that the local rangers followed her in their vehicle and as she was looking for a spot, pulled alongside and told her that she wasn't allowed to park in the street. She explained what she was doing (dropping off deliveries for her shop) and they reiterated that she wasn't allowed to park in a loading zone as her car wasn't deemed eligible. At this point she drove away and thought that was the end of the matter. Please note that she hadn't pulled up to the curb when she was confronted by the rangers, she was still in what you'd call the "driving lane" of the street.

    A week or so later, she received a fine in the mail "parking (or was it standing? I'll have to double check) in a loading zone" (10:00am to 10:00am) and called me explaining what had happened. I completed the "review this fine" PDF explaining the events as they'd transpired and sent it in. She got a letter back from SRO on Friday stating that they had conducted the review and in their opinion, the fine has been upheld reiterating how her vehicle isn't except and she'd parked in contravene to the sign. They also stated that they were satisfied that the fine is legal and no further review will be conducted. I would have assumed that the ranger would have needed to take a photo of her stopped/parked in this zone BUT neither of the rangers got out of the car and if a photo wes taken, it would show her driving down the street, not parked/stopped at the curb.

    Now, if she'd pulled to the curb I'd say "cop it sweet and pay the fine" BUT she hadn't. She was travelling forward albeit very slowly looking for a spot when the ranger pulled alongside (it's a one-way street) and she stopped (not at the curb) as the ranger in the passenger side of the vehicle explained that she wasn't allowed to park in the loading zone. The entire conversation was conducted from this position and she left without pulling to the curb which would in my eyes doesn't constitute parking or standing in the zone.

    Should we just give up and pay the fine or should we take it further (and if so, what actions are available - court)?

  2. I'd be pissed off, if she didnt get out of the car and never entered the loading zone, why would they book her for parking in a loading zone?
    She stopped at the direction of the ranger and then got booked for stopping?
    reinforces my opinion that Sydney is a currant of a place..

    In Vic to be eligible for loading zone parking you need permanently fixed signs on the metal of the car that advertise your business or be in a commercially registered vehicle. Magnetic stickers dont count and signs on the window/glass area dont count.
  3. My Mazda Tribute has Commercial rego and I am supposedly allowed to park in loading zones for 20min,it used to be noted on the rego sticker but not any more.Its a lot more expensive than standard rego.I have no clue how they now tell though.This sneaky picture taking these days is definite BS
  4. You got it in one... she stopped BECAUSE the ranger came alongside in their vehicle with the ranger in the passenger seat calling out to her and she then obeyed the directions/instructions given. As I said before, I bet the "photo" shows her car driving down the street unless they snapped it whilst they were following her and even then, it wouldn't show her "parked/standing" in the loading zone.

    PS. It's Liverpool Council who are strapped for cash ATM (rebuilding the council chambers after a fire last year). Quite questionable as I'd imagine it would be normal to informed her she was being booked at the time rather than by receiving the "naughty note" two weeks later in the post (which states the wrong vehicle colour mind you - the infringement states "black" where the 4WD is actually a "silvery-charcoal").
  5. Load of crap, she's been fined for doing the right thing, don't pay.
  6. Appear that the over-zealous rangers will book you for the "intention" rather than the "actual" act doesn't it?
  7. Unbelievable. Maybe local councils should have their ability to issue parking infringements "capped" to a certain number each year?
  8. You're allowed to request the photo, aren't you?
  9. Follow the below link,
    Loading zones

    Although she would be allowed to stop (due to a valid business purpose of dropping off goods), her vehicle is not 'legally' classified as a vehicle that can stop there unless she was dropping off/picking up passengers.

    Now, onto the second part, parrallel parking laws. Follow this link here nsw parking laws

    I would deem that because she did not actually stop curbside, she was not parked therefore I don't think the fine should be warranted.

  10. Since the SDRO letter failed (anyone ever had one not fail??), your only option is to go to court. Unfortunately even if you win, based on other stories on netrider, it is going to cost you more than the ticket. So while it definitely sounds like you got burnt, there's not much you can practically do about it, unless you are more concerned about being right than the cost of the ticket. Others here might be concerend about holding the bastards to account, but I would probably just pretend its a donation to the Liverpool council library and forget about it.