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QLD LNP To raise motorcycle rego

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TRA, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. LNP promises to give owners of 'family vehicles' reprieve from costly car rego by charging motorcyclists, truck and ute drivers more
    by: Robyn Ironside and Koren Helbig From: The Courier-Mail March 03, 2012

    REGO RAGE: LNP promises rego reprieve for 'family vehicles' but not motorcycles, utes or trucks. Source: The Courier-Mail
    MOTORCYCLISTS, truck and ute drivers will pay more in registration fees to help fund an LNP promise to give the owners of "family vehicles" a reprieve from Australia's costliest car rego.

    Opposition transport spokesman Scott Emerson yesterday conceded some drivers would face rego rises while private passenger cars under four tonnes had their registration frozen for three years.


  2. Hmm, not happy.
    But would I trust Labor to not just raise rego across the board?
  3. And after three years, what then? A massive increase to catch up, if the money we pay now is so essential for road safety and all the other things they claim we're paying for? This is bullsh!t, trying to play to the mythical battler vote. Plenty of people doing it tough use utes and motorcycles, and if the LNP is party that bets represents small business, whee is the logic forf trucks and utes? Brain-dead policy that must have sounded good in the rich boys' club when the came up with it. My millionaire mate with his Mercedes V8 will be delighted to get a freeze on rego, while my Honda 50, when it's finished, will subsidise him.

    And mendosi, everything goes up year by year. It's called a cost of living increase, same as your wage increases. This is targeted victimisation to pander to one section of the electorate.
  4. Out of the vehicles on the road.. we are the ones who take up the least room (Ease congestion), less pollution (i assume), and they want to up the rego on us?

    f uck off.
  5. to be brutally honest, my bike registration is only ~$101 (nsw). Compared to the car being >$250.

    Given the number of bikes available to subsidise cars, even if they double the registration cost, it won't be a monstrous slug compared to the general running costs of the vehicle or the insurance component of registration.

    utes and trucks are also (properly) commercial vehicles, that have their costs written off to taxation anyway. It won't hit them particularly hard either imo. After all, if your business can't handle another hundred (or two) bucks in costs over a year, this wouldn't really have affected you negatively anyway.
  6. The added upfront costs will probably just be passed onto the end consumer...
  7. The cost of living goes up much faster than any average wage increase.. even if salaries and wages were to increase in alignment with the CPI, the purchasing power of the dollar will always be worth less than the year before.

    You made a good point, after the three year period, both regos will continue to rise.. Prices never fall after they've gone up.

    So called GST free purchases is misleading as even though they do not attract taxes, the cost of such items still go up. Once the rego of bikes and utes go up, there will be greater strains on budgets for average families and individuals who own both car and motorbikes.
  8. I was just thinking on the way home that maybe reducing registration fees across the state but introducing a congestion toll in Brisbane wouldn't be too bad.

    I know that congestion charges have received mixed reviews elsewhere in the world, though. And naturally public transport better be up to scratch first. Does anyone know of any credible plans to do this in Brisbane?
  9. NSW rego is ridiculously cheap... compared to here in victoria.. whys that?

  10. i doubt it. Take a look at the details of your registration - i think you'll find that the registration component is about equivalent to nsw, and your TAC levy covers the rest. My total registration cost for the car and bike are north of $650/750 each. most of it is the insurance component.
  11. Oh in that case its cheaper here.. nevermind.
  12. is a 17yo's mx-5 or capri a 'family vehicle'?

    Both have the same number of seats but less luggage capacity than my bike!

    Or mr mid life crisis in his 2seater sportscar.

    or anyone with a 2door monaro - you tried to get kids in that thing?
  13. I'm thinking the answer is that they are family vehicles.
    If I see any LNP candidates campaigning this Saturday I might stop for a chat with them about this.
  14. Find out about a campaign where the media will be in attendance, and get a few of us to rock up, and watch it make the news :D
  15. I like the way you're thinking, but from what I understand it's devilishly difficult to predict where the leaders will be at any given time.
  16. Nah, they broadcast the trail. Tonight Campbell Newman willbe at the broncos club!
    What's wrong with the youth today, not listening to ABC radio!
  17. Bring kissable babies.......these pollies love to kiss babaies and pose to the cameras.
  18. Kissable babes might get more attention though. :)
  19. I only listen to the radio (612) when I'm in my car, which is not often.
    Good excuse?
  20. Good enough! :p
    they're at the media club some day this week - I wasn't paying too much attention