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Lloyd Penn is a great mechanic - Sydney, North Shore

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Kaer, May 2, 2005.

  1. Said it to a few people, let me iterate, Lloyd Penn in Artarmon is a great mechanic.

    Not the cheapest, but the the most honest and the best.

    Unfortunately he is only doing Jap bikes now (except for the old customers).

    Took the Spada in today, as either the back disc pad or disc was stuffed (squealing like a pig when I hit the brakes).

    Took a look at it, told me it was the disc. Said he'd try and get one off the wreckers (lot cheaper). If I wanted I could have got a new one, but not really worth it on my commuter. Took it in at 8:30, he said it'd be ready in the afternoon baring any stuffups.

    Came back at 3:30. All done, and all good. He'd also tightened the chain a little as it was 2 months old and starting to get a little loose, plus fixed up my mirrors. All minor maint stuff I've been meaning to do, but he did them. Which is always much appreciated.

    $45 for the pads
    $150 for the 2nd hand rear disc
    $60 labour.

    $255 all up. Plus done on time and done well.

    Again, I can't recommend him more. Never heard of anyone having any problems with him, and all sing his praises.

    Lloyd Penn
    34 Punch St Artarmon
    9906 8488
  2. +1

    I'd forgotten about him actually but he really helped me out one weekend with some battery acid for some ag bikes I'd just assembled from the crate. I think it was a Sunday and he just happened to be there doing some paper work or similar.

    Hmmm, must have been about '93 and while it doesn't sound like much he was the only one available and he insisted on filling and charging them while I went and bought some lunch - ALL FOR FREE!
  3. Let me add my commendation.

    I took my VTR250 in this morning for the 6K kms service. (I'd dine the brakes, brake fluid, and engine oil/filter myself). The service only cost me $20!! I got my pink slip done as well. All up, it took about 10-15mins.

    Go Lloyd Penn!
  4. x4

    Dropped my bike on the way to work (A silly thing to do, I recommend against it)

    Managed to limp up to Lloyd's to drop it off, he went through and checked whether the bent front brake disc could be straightened (it was too far gone), then got on the blower to pick a a new one.

    I dropped off the bike at 9:30, was ablt to pick it up at 4:30 with a new indicator, brake disc, mirror and with the front forks straightened. And when the disc came out cheaper than expected he passed the saving on to me.

    My 24000km service is due soon, I know where I'll be taking the bike. DOUBLE THUMBS UP!
  5. does he have loan bikes?
  6. dunno, i work just round the corner so 5 bucks saw me to work in a cab
  7. I'm glad to hear that he's getting good raps from everyone. He's a good, honest mechanic... what more could one ask for?

    Go Lloyd!
  8. Fairly certain he doesn't have loan bikes. I've never asked though.

    It's about a 10 minute walk from his to St Leonards station.
  9. Just booked my VTR for a chain and sprocket change.

    Llyod is very accomodating on the phone.
    Sounded very honest about the booking saying he is busy but can fit me in on a certain date.
  10. Just got my bike serviced at Lloyd Penn's yesterday.

    Major service + do some work on carbies cost $600.

    A reasonable chunk of cash but the bike is sounding brand new again, not bad for an '89. Before the service, I'd need to maintain some throttle to stop it stalling at the lights. Now purring nicely without.

    On the whole, I'd go back.
  11. gday people.

    what's lloyd penn charge for a minor service? eg oil/filter/sparkies etc? Does anyone know what he charges for labour too? He sounds like a great mechanic.. and i just wanted to do a comparison to freedom motorcycles (which also do a good job... except i think its a tad expensive; it cost me 380 yesterday for a minor service).
  12. I wouldn't even bother asking mate as Lloyd has always looked after me and been above reproach in terms of honesty. If he says it is how much it is, then that's it and I pay it.

    And he's done little things, helping me out and stuff, for free so I don't quibble.

    But sorry, I can't remember how much my last minor service there cost, but it would likely depend on what bike you have anyway, so its hard to answer.
  13. Freedom Motorcycles :eek:hno: :eek:hno: :eek:hno:

  14. Sorry to be the first one to say he's not good.

    I took my bike in there to have the steering bearings replaced and a light globe for my numberplate replaced. So that I could get rego...

    When I went back in the afternoon, the job was finished... BUT he replaced the front brake pads, and also changed the front fork fluid. I did not ask for this or authorise it.
    I ended up paying an extra $100 on top of what I wanted done.

    If he called up and asked I would have agreed to the front fork fluid being replaced. But I now have a brand new set of brake pads at home which I no longer need because he changed them. I was planning on doing the disk and pads at the same time - MYSELF.

    No mechanic should ever do work without authorisation.
  15. Another big thumbs up for lloyd.

    First dealing I had with him over the phone I asked him how much to tighen my chain and check some oil leaks etc, he said to bring it in and he'd do it for free. When you hear that you know the guy is a trustworthy guy.

    Got a major service done on it, new sprockets, chain, fluids, pads, oil, accelerator cable (they noticed it was stuffed and replaced it which I appreciate). Also sourced a second hand side engine cover as the current one was cracked, bike came out riding like new.

    Over time you learn that the cheapest place isn't the best, and that paying that little bit more you get such a better outcome (not that he is expensive).
  16. In NSW, you do not have to pay for work that was done without specific authorisation.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. And what did he say when you asked him to take them out?
  18. being the first time ever that I have dealt with a mechanic (my dad is a car mechanic and i am handy on the tools myself)... i would normally do the work

    i was more shocked and confused than anything, i paid for the work as i wasnt 100% sure about paying for something i didnt ask for.
    obviously a lesson in life. next time i will just ask one of the mechanics i know if they can do work i cant.
  19. I've taken My GS500F there several times for major services, other little problems and some free advice.

    I have always had a good result. He's an approachable guy.

    I feel he's very honest and isn't out to scrape you for more than you deserve. I'm going there this Monday for a battery, rear tire plus mixture check, and yes, his labor isn't the cheapest, approx 80 per hour.

    While i live in the north shore, i'm not cashed up at all, (renting with housemates) but will definitely pay an extra 30$ for a quality service.

    The only quibble i have ever had is he was encouraging me to replace my rear tyre before a trip to Brisbane, citing that the tread would probably be totally gone past the wear limit by the time i got back. While i made the trip with tyre to spare, it was pretty reasonable for him to be concerned.

    I think he's a cautious man in general, and likes to do things by the book in terms of safety, wear limits etc, which can sometimes be overcautious for the thrifty among us, but certainly isn't a negative thing at all.

  20. Lloyd Penn - Thumbs Up

    I had to get my rear brake pads changed.Scary ride to work today morning in peak traffic. Don't know how I missed the signs about the pads needing a change.

    Spoke to Lloyd at 1 p.m. and mentioned that rear disc may need replacement. He asked me to come in and he would look at the brake pad.

    Arrived around 4 p.m. Lloyd asked Cody to have a look and determine if the disc really nned to be replaced. Cody had a look and said no need to change the disc.

    So new Ferodo pads fitted and I was out through the door at 4:45 pm. Cody also took the initiative to check the play on the chain and tightened it.

    All up cost $60.

    Go Cody!!!

    I will be back for my next service, Lloyd.

    Highly recommend Lloyd and his crew. :grin: :grin: :grin: