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Featured Lizard in garage...?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by CrazyCam, May 29, 2015.

  1. Hi folks.

    This seems to be the nearest to appropriate forum......

    I have a lizard that seems to have moved into my garage.

    If I was sure where it might be at any given point in time, I have no great problem with him/her.

    But, I am concerned that I may, inadvertently, hurt the poor wee beast.

    Since the weather is not that flash for lizards wandering about, I don't really want to throw the thing out into the garden just now.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. Rig up a little box he can move in and of with a heat lamp and some water and he'll spend most of the time there.
    Just be careful if he's not in there.

    Oh and enjoy him/her!
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  3. Definitely worth encouraging to stay. Maybe make it a habitat where it can get in and out easily away from the danger areas. It will be looking for heat,I guess.

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  4. I am an idiot!

    Of course you are right....the lizard will probably be hiding in below, or behind the fridge, which will be nice and cozy and warm.

    As for water..... don't have much of that in the garage....wine and beer, yup.

    I'll try a saucer with some water for the beastie.

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  5. Don't be such a pussy! Cut its head off with a shovel & feed it to your cat!
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  6. At first I thought this was some sort of innuendo. That's a weird thing to call your penis. Hehe great mind I have.
    Naww you're a good bloke. Yeh if you know where it goes you can put a UV/heated lamp there for it.
    That's a big lizard ;)
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  7. Not so, it was a common American and Australian slang term for penis. Your mind is not as warped as you think. ;)
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  8. Ah the boootiful blue tongue...so pre-historic. Great gardeners...love your snails, slaters and slugs!
    if you want to encourage him/she /it out of your garage try a few things.
    Use a towel and drop over his back and quickly pick him up with your hand firmly but gently at the sides just past the front legs.
    Put him down near the fence line. He will get the warmth off the concrete barriers. He may hiss a bit at you but don't let him bite you. They can clamp down a treat- not poisonous or anything. Just hard to get them to release!
    Make sure you don't let him go where there are dogs, cats or worst of all snail bait! Kills them painfully.
    I have a couple of blueys that I feed slugs, snails and a bit of roo mince to. We eye each other off, hiss at each other but share the yard.
    The dog goes absolutely ape shit whenever they are about. I wondered what in the hell the dog had found.
    We also had a wonderful hatching and had cranky little baby blue tongues everywhere....soooo cute!
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  9. Haven't heard the ole "takin the lizard out for a drink' for an age...a dying language...
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  10. If you are going to put him out, make sure you make him a little hi-vis vest so he doesn't get run over.
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  11. ooo you are a funny man

    yes, encourage the old blue-tongues, Australia hopefully has grown up enough so that anything non-human doesn't get killed by default.....
  12. Are blue tongues poisonous?
  13. No, but as noted they have a vice-like bite, and because they eat carrion and all sorts of yucky stuff, a bite can easily become infected...
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  14. One theory is if you have lizards around you want have snakes, given they often eat the same things.

    Had one live under the wooden ramp at the back door of Grain’s place for years. Every so often he'd be minding his own business warming up on the concrete when someone would come out the back door and unintentionally boot him across the yard. Didn’t seem to put him off.
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  15. Some lizards will actually eat small snakes too.
    But lizards are great to have around, the chances of accidently hurting it are slim provided it's not sleeping under your car, they are sly bastards who will stay out of your way most of the time.
    It won't hurt to provide it with water but it gets plenty of juicy goodness from the spiders and bugs it will be eating.
  16. We've got one that lives in the strawberry patch. It scares the crap out of you when you're fishing around for some yummies and it moves suddenly and does the "mouth open wide silent scream" thing.

    That thing "blue tongues means no snakes" is an old wives tale by the way. I've seen a brown snake eating a blue tongue. But yeah, they're nice creatures.
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  17. Yeh I agree. We've had lizards and tiger snakes.
  18. That's just an old wives tale actually, they coexist fine and having one species doesn't mean the other can't/won't be around as well.

    Edit - whoops see I was already beaten to that point!
  19. CAT! How rude can you be?

    Humans don't have cats, cats adopt (or force themselves on) humans.

    We do actually have a number of these lovely wee beasts in our garden.

    I have asked, very politely, that my wife knit a number of wee sweaters, each with a number on it, so we could identify each individual.

    She seems to think I was joking. :)

    Yeah, we have one there, too. :-(
    Half eaten strawberries aren't that attractive.

    Latest update.

    Sitting in garage, talking on phone, I had cleaned out a wide but shallow ashtray, and put some water in it, left near fridge in garage.

    Load hissing from near door.... it appears our garage lizard had, indeed, left the garage, and was under our back deck, but, presumably "smelt" the available water, wanted to come back into the garage, and really didn't need me sitting in his/her way. :-|

    You just can't win.
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