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Living without a car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by middo, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. So due to a few interesting circumstances, it appears the wife and I will be without a car for the next 5 or 6 weeks. I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing, but we do live 40 kms from town. Yesterday she pointed out to me that the BBQ bottle was empty and needs filling. The nearest servo is 10 kms away. Do I take the gas bottle on the back of the bike?

    Has anyone else lived without a car totally for a month or two? What were the biggest issues? I'm guessing collecting a washing machine was beyond the realm of possibility?

    Looking for issues/ideas out there...

  2. I've been without my car for 6 weeks thanks to being run into by a 4wd at traffic lights (3 1/2 weeks to assess, 3 so far to fix).

    My bbq gas bottle is fullish and my washing machine's ok! But i've been buying less food and less alcohol. I'm reluctant to carry glass in a backpack. Use a seatbag for occasional bottles and take aways. Shopping needs more planning for what I can carry, and less impulse buys. I have been helped out by friends but still there's more planning involved.

    Worst thing is that the bike became a bit less fun when it became a workhorse. Though I'm starting to enjoy the commute. And trips to the shops at around 3km each way don't really warm up the bike properly which won't be an issue for you
  3. sidecar? :D
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  4. I lived without the car for about 5 weeks last year. Top box and panniers helped with the shopping but I did smaller, more frequent shops. Only got rained on significantly 3 or 4 times but I was prepared.

    In an average week I ride the bike 4 times more km than the bike anyway.
  5. I've been without a car for over a year now. But I don't live in a rural area. I only had to walk 100 metres to exchange the BBQ gas bottle. Woolies, Aldi, Coles or Dan Murphy's are less than 10 minutes walk.

    Still, things like fishing and golf have been affected. I got new fishing poles that are telescopic so I'm back fishing, but have yet to figure out the golf bag yet!
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  6. I started engine life on 2 wheels and was a good 4 years before I got a car. I still do a lot of things I shouldn't on the bike because I'm used to it. I do the weekly shop and will always take the bike instead of the car. I have a box that occys on to the back seat and tie upto 4 green bags to the handles on the top hanging over the side. I wouldn't attempt a washing machine but I'd spend a little time considering it. There's a lot you can do with a couple occy straps.

    Don't be afraid to put things on the tank either. If they are big enough they won't fall off.
  7. We did it when we lived in a village in the UK. On line shopping is good there. Hired a car every few weeks anyway.
  8. o_O idea for gas bottle. just take the grill plates out of the bbq and make a temporary bbq pit and go old school with wood or coals.
  9. Bike trailer? For now then disconnect but may be useful in future too?
  10. I'm without a car at the moment as my trust old Land Rover did a head gasket not long ago and we've decided to retire it after doing the math. I'm lucky in that I'm not working atm as I'm finishing off some studies, but we live in the sticks. While I'm looking for another car, it's been a great time for me to get some experience under my belt on the bike and I've come up with some ingenious ways of doing the shopping. Soft sided high cooler bag in the back pack fits in the days shopping nicely!!

    Today, however I am stuffed as I need paint for a small reno I am finishing off and diesel for the tractor. I'll see if I can find my gap year second born somewhere in the mess he calls his room and offer a bribe for a ride into town.
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  11. I've seen gas bottles transported on bikes in Asia, but I woldn't do it here. Australia has become too straight and people don't mind their own business. You will be contacted by the cops and they will find something to charge you with.
  12. I've been riding for 5 years and never owned a car in my life, admittedly living in a city makes this much easier. Maybe once in every 6 months I find myself in want of a car and end up hiring a ute for the day, or getting large items delivered. Still cheaper than owning a car.

    So my suggestion is plan out everything you need a car for, borrow a friends or hire one and get everything done in one hit.
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  13. My wife worked in Melbourne on and off for 6 months. Longest time away was 1 month. She had the car.

    At the time our sons were 17 and 11 and both played sport. Fortunately the eldest had a motorcycle licence and a KLR650 so he was sorted. I then had the choice of either the Bandit or her M750.

    The 2 biggest issues were grocery shopping and taking sporting children to hospital when they get injured.

    The first problem was sorted by applying a variation of the 7 P's principle. The second issue fortunately only arose once and was sorted by telling the kid to suck it up "if I can get a helmet on your head and you can sit up I can get you to hospital" followed by me ignoring the "what sort of parent is he" comments and repeatedly assuring the ED Triage nurse "No, he didn't fall off the bike, he got hit in the face by a hockey stick. Why do you think he's got shorts, team shirt, runners, socks and shin pads on".

    Note: While he knew he'd been hit in the head he hadn't realised how bad until the umpire said "Brett, you're bleeding, get off the field".
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  14. Is there a car sharing scheme you could access e.g. go get or similar. You can reserve and rent them by the hour
  15. Had just a ST1100 for a while so day to day was fine. It's when I needed to move anything too big for the bike that I had problems... happened more often than I would have previously thought. New wife means we have a car between us now which makes life easier... well at least in terms of transportating stuff!
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  16. I spent many years with bikes as my sole means of transport. You get used to it. Sure, shifting furniture is a bit difficult (I had access to my work truck but didn't use it much because it was absolute murder to park) but everything else can be made to work. Grocery shoping is easily possible, although it's an invariable rule that, however many bags, backpacks and throw-over panniers you take there is always one loaf of bread left over with nowhere to put it except under a bungee or down your jacket. In the UK it also helps if your diet consists mainly of things which won't soak up water.

    DIY supplies are more difficult, especially for long bits of timber or large sheet material. However, as noted recently in another thread, bags of cement etc. can be strapped to the seat without ill effect.

    Gas bottle? I'd have no issue with bungeeing a 9 kg one into place on seat or rack. YMMV.

    Overall, I'll give most things a go but then I cut my biking teeth in a culture where you do and where the public hysteria that occurred re: BBQ guy just didn't seem to happen.
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  17. Easily done, I haven't had a car at home for 4 years and cart everything around on the bike. Extra large things I get delivered but grocery shopping is fairly simple. Unless you've got a family of 6.
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  18. What I did was write out my shopping least in order of importance. At the shops I put my Ventura bag and back pack in a shopping trolley and started shopping from the top of the list and kept shopping until both bags were full then went and paid for it. Anything left on the list un-purchased was either unimportant or would be at the top of the list for the next shopping trip.
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  19. I hadn't heard of these. I doubt they are in Geraldton but I will have a look.
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