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Living with the Superduke...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. I did a brief test ride review of the 2005 Superduke a while ago, since then I have gone out and bought one. I managed to find a brand new runout 05 model after ringing almost every dealer in Australia. Since I picked her up 3000k's have passed under her tyres and we are bonding nicely. Now I have had her for a while I thought i would post up some of my thoughts as to how we are getting along.


    As you would expect of a brand new bike with so few k's it has been faultless, nothing has broken or fallen off..in fact the build quality is extremely good. It even has the nice little touches like a hydraulic strut to hold the tank up when your working on the bike, and the front instrument cluster is hinged so when changing globes you just undo 2 allen bolts and drop the panel to gain access.

    Engine Performance:

    It's a pearler of an engine, if a little deceptive. Quite often you look at the speedo and it's 20-30k's higher than you think. Power delivery is very linear there is no real power band as such it just progresively makes power. While not having a huge power output the light weight and amount of torque make it deceptively fast, of course this does have it's downsides I will be chewing through tyres at an astronomical rate :shock: (I could slow down but that defeats owning a superduke). Superdukes are overgeared from the factory to meet drive by noise regs...the first mod to make is a 16 tooth front sprocket(down from a 17). This makes such a massive difference to the bikes rideability around town and in the twisties that all new 2007 Superdukes come with one standard. Oh it now power wheelies in 2nd and will pop the front up in 3rd on change of direction :grin:


    When I bought this bike what attracted me to it was the top shelf fully adjustable suspension front and rear. My previous bike was a Blackbird and while she was a great bike the suspension had it's limitations when you really pushed the bike hard, so when I was shopping for a bike top shelf suspension was on the top of my list. The bike is set up from the factory pretty stiff and I like a nice compliant front end, especially for some of the rougher roads out there. I had taken the bike through Reefton and due to the suspension setup I had no confidence in the front end at all, I mentioned this to Roarin on a ride the other day and we tweaked it to a point where she now feels fantastic on rougher corrugated roads but still handles like on rails in the smooth stuff. I still have some minor tweaking to do but I reckon it's about 90% how I like it right now.


    The brakes on this bike still astonish me....I have never experienced stopping power like it. It has Brembo brakes front and rear although I must say while the fronts are mind blowing the rear is pretty average...best left for low speed traffic riding and u turns. The fronts make a fizzing kind of noise when hard on them...which is a little disconcerting at first until you get used to it but it certainly doesn't affect how they stop.

    Fuel Consumption:

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.... If you come riding with me and you smoke I guarantee you won't be wanting for nicotine...I have to stop for fuel at approximately 150k's to fill up . It's really the only thing I can knock the bike for, however I knew about it when I bought it and I don't ride it every day now so it's only a minor inconvenience...it just means I need to take up smoking again so I have an excuse to stop all the time

    Servicing and Maintenance:

    The first service is the killer....1000k's and needs to have valve clearances checked. The first service runs between $450 - $500. The recommended oil is Motorex 4T fully synth @ $100 for 4 lites and a filter @ $30 so they are a little dearer than my Blackbird but the service intervals are 7500k's. A minor service should run about the $200 mark or so including oil and filter. The motor is a 990 cc V twin which uses a dry sump so oil changes are a bit fiddly requiring a few oil screens be cleaned and the tanks drained but other than that my mechanic reckons it's not too bad to work on.

    To sum it up I LOVE this bike, it's very light weight, has stacks of grunt, handles great, stops on a 5c piece and looks menacing in black to boot. Other owners I have spoken to say you ignore the fuel range because the thing is such a riot to ride and their right!...


    oh and a pic of my baby...

  2. Excellent write-up, Keith :applause: But I STILL haven't seen it!
  3. hey there bamm-bamm, its Hornet from the superduke forums, how are you?

    excellent write up mate! Was thinking of writing one myself but cant stay off the bike for long enough! In all honesty though, I havent ridden for over a week...40+ degree days are keeping me inside a bit!

    I agree with everything youve said there, although while i was getting used to it and taking it easy, my fuel consumption wasnt all that bad...however with some spirited riding i had the fuel light come on at 131km the last time i rode!...but didnt bother me much as it just meant i had to go on another ride to get fuel!!!

    Have you gone for an aftermarket exhaust yet? I have a set of the oval akrapovics, and absolutely love the sound with the baffles removed, not to mention the popping and booming when coming down in revs off the throttle :D

    i am interested in what adjustments you made to the standard suspension settings to make it track better and more comfortably over rougher roads?

    well good job on the review mate!

    now get out there and enjoy that beast! :D

  4. Nice write-up Keithy. I certainly found it an interesting ride, I'd love to test one back to back with a late model speed triple. Those brakes are sensational - have you found yourself accidentally waving the rear wheel around under heavy braking yet? I reckon the only stoppers I've felt that were better were the 06 Blade's - and that might only have been because that bike had stiffer forks.
  5. Hi bamm-bamm,
    Great write up,
    I've got an 06 and have to agree with everything youve written, Tthe bike is totally addictive. Is an absolute barking mad joy to own.

    I also have to agree about the suspension...seems its a bit tricky to get a setting thats totally steady.
    I'm still finding it a littly twitchy turning in, nothing dangerous just a bit nervous.
    Apart from suspension, which i'm still learning about, its brilliant.

  6. I still have the standard pipes but I am thinking about getting a pair of Carbon Leo Vinces for it, would love a pair of Akrapovic Evolutions but they are very exxy...hell even the standards are bloody expensive. I rode one with the Akras you have and they sound bloody fantastic


    I set the suspension up to the comfort settings in the manual and then backed em off from there until I had the compliance I wanted but without any wallowing...I think from comfort we backed off rebound 3 clicks and added 2 clicks of compression. Preload is set as per comfort settings although I may play wth that a bit.

    I have been :grin: , in fact I've done about 4,500 k's in just over the month I have had it. One word of warning is the factory Pirelli Diablo tyres are VERY soft...I have just replaced them at 4,000k's the front was in worse state than the rear and was almost bald at the sides...if you do track days I would expect even less then that!. I replaced them with Pilot Powers which seem a bit harder but still stick like shit to a blanket...we will see how they last :twisted:
  7. I picked up the evo's from Ktm-parts in the US.
    They arrived in under two weeks and i think it wound up costing about $1300.... Still a lot of $
    Seem to be very good people to deal with though.

    Was quoted about $2300 for them here. :shock:
  8. Hi Guys,

    Good write up Bam-Bam. Always good to know that others out there appreciate the bike for the same reasons i do.

    I went the 07 model purely based on the fuel range issue. Yet even still the light comes on at 200k's and I start getting nervous round 210.

    I get all my parts out of the US. R&G's crash protectors were 200 bucks cheaper.

    Bike is the best thing ive ever ridden. Purely cause it can do everything, sounds like hell on wheels and invigorates me everytime i get on it.

    Oh and of course Orange is faster!

    Cheers Boys